Cinnamon and the Runaway Umbrella

Today was a rainy day, so I decided to sit on the couch and read The Invisible Man while my mom and Cinnamon were on a walk together. It has been raining like crazy all day long and there was finally a break in the rain, even though the wind had been blowing out of control, she decided to take Cinnamon out anyways. I don’t think i would’ve done that. hehe

Anywho, while they were out there, I continued reading my book, which just kept getting better and better, so interesting i didn’t want to put it down, then I looked out the window which had been open all morning, and the wind just kept getting stronger and stronger, never letting down for a single second. It looked like there was a tornado outside. Crazy!

IMG_20160105_092905I was just thinking how the heck my mom and Cinnamon were doing out there in that mess, and then all of a sudden my mom comes tearing into the house, umbrella and all in her hands, while Cinnamon instantly came running towards me, jumped up next to me, wet feet and all, and got super close to me, I mean seriously, she was all up in my grill putting her mini toes on top of my computer and digging her face into my knee, then i said, “Whoa Cinnamon! What’s goin on?”

Cinnamon was so scared out of her mind, freaking out.  All the while, my mom was standing by the doorway taking off her shoes and busting out laughing.

I sat there, all confused and said, ” What happened out there?”

She said that they were outside, for like two seconds, Cinnamon peed like once and then both of them turned tail and ran back home as fast as possible. Right before that, my mom said she was using this really dinky, teensie tiny light blue umbrella while they were walking and then this huge gust of wind came out of nowhere, pushed the umbrella forwards, and  it almost blew away, like in Mary Poppins. haha When she told me this i started cracking up too and then my mom also told me that she’d never laughed so much before in her life. By then she was chuckling.

After that it took Cinnamon awhile to calm down, I mean she just kept getting closer and closer to me on the couch, desperately trying to get warm, cozy, and calm. She’s like Paula help me, help me.

I said, “Cinnamon it’s ok baby, you’ll be ok!”

Then, my mom walked by me on the couch,  and said jokingly, “Cinnamon may never go out there again after that walk.”

I said, “No kidding!”

I think the whole umbrella thing scared the crap out of Cinnamon, no wonder she ran up to me on the couch all freaked out after her walk. She even left a bunch of paw prints on the couch too and she was shivering half to death, staring at me, getting so close wanting some head-rubs. She’s like Paula give me cuddles! So, i sat there giving her some rubs as my mom told me the whole story. By then, I put a mini dark blue towel over her, and she sure loved that! By then, she was all warm and cozy sitting right there next to me, feeling all safe again. It did help that i was using a very nice, huge soft blanket on top of me.

Poor baby! Cinnamon already doesn’t like umbrellas in the first place. I mean seriuosly, every time someone walks by using one, she starts barking at it like crazy. Now she’s gonna hate them even more!

Cinnamon is sitting by my feet now cuddling up next to a huge orange towel and my purse. Of course! That’s my dog! I wonder what other silly things she’ll do next!

Hope everyone is having a good day!