Cinnamon vs. Her Twin Dog Separated at Birth

I was walking outside today with Cinnamon, which I hadn’t done in awhile. It was such a beautiful day, with the sun shining down on me as we walked together on our usual route.

First, there was a kitty cat under a motorcycle parked nearby, now at first, I thought crap, Cinnamon’s gonna go nuts when she sees that one, she hates that black cat. She didn’t see it though, thank god, she had her nose pressed to the ground going sniff, sniff, sniff, and then she decided to walk up to a huge tree that was in front of one of the condos, and peed on it. Nice.

Next thing I know, this guy is popping his head out of his patio and waved to me saying, “Hi!” It was our next door neighbor. He scared the crap out of me, jeez, and it was funny cus Cinnamon didn’t even notice him. She just kept sniff, sniff, sniffing along, this time digging her nose in some autumn leaves that had just dropped down, then the guy said, talking to Cinnamon this time, “Hey, Cinnamon how’s it goin?”

Cinnamon heard that for sure this time. She stopped dead in her tracks, turned her head around, and popped her head up to see him. Then, when she realized it was our neighbor, she turned her whole body around, sat there sitting in front of him, and started waggin her cute stubby tail. She’s like hi, hi, hi! Haha That is one of the only guys in this neighborhood that she actually likes. Too funny! Its true he’s a nice guy, he’s always talking to Cinnamon likes she’s a human.

We went on our way, going up and around in a circle. It felt awesome walking out there today, the wind blowing in my face, it wasn’t too hot or too cold and there weren’t that many people around. It was so peaceful! I swear the last time I took out Cinnamon was horrible. It was way too hot and Cinnamon wasn’t listening to me for anything, but today it was all good! Cinnamon was all happy, prancing around and poking her nose into every which direction.

It was weird, I’m telling ya, cus I was expecting something bad to happen, but it didn’t, well not til we started walking down this other street. I was on the sidewalk minding my own business, when suddenly out of nowhere this older guy with wavy grey hair and a thick bushy mustache of the same color came walking towards us, with a cute grey mini dog with a bushy tail.

I swear, I almost didn’t see him or the dog til it was too late. Cinnamon sure did though! She was already barking up a storm the second she saw them and so was his. They were both goin crazy, and Cinnamon was no help, I was saying, “Stop, Cinnamon, stop! It’s ok baby,” as I was desperately trying to pick her up.

That just made it worse. She didn’t listen to me at all, and then I was thinking oh great here we go again I knew this whole peaceful walk wasn’t going to last. So, when I finally got her to stop runnin like crazy around in circles, I noticed that the other guy had picked up his dog too and was holding him in his arms. It was so cute!

Then, I was about to say sorry but he interrupted me and said, “Hey sorry about that. She’s not used to people yet. I just got her a few days ago from the pound and she’s a little rough around the edges. She was from an abusive home, so you can see why it’s been kinda hard for her lately and for us. And then I saw your dog and thought wow she almost looks like mine …”

Cinnamon on emily's lapRight then and there, I started smiling. I had felt the same way when I first got Cinnamon from a shelter, I hadn’t met someone on our neighborhood like that, who had a similar story to Cinnamon’s, and there he was standing right in front of me so I said, “Yeah, ya know I know how you feel, I got Cinnamon from a dog shelter too a few years ago, and she was the same way. She used to be so messed up, so scared, and shy and now she’s so much better!”

I felt good talking to this guy I mean seriously, just that one little conversation was all it took. I was still holding Cinnamon in my arms when I told him all of that, and it reminded me of why I got her in the first place, so she could have a better life, so she could have a home with us and this guy felt the same way.
He went on to say, before he left, “This is actually my daughter’s dog, she’s in Fullerton at school, so I’ve been taking care of her for a few days. I even got her groomed too!”

I said, “Yeah, she’s a really cute dog!”

Then, he said, “Well, bye! Nice to meet you!”

As he walked the other direction, I said, “you too!”

I finally put Cinnamon back down on the ground Cinnamon and said, “Ok, ow ya know you’re getting really heavy these days bud!” I swear she must’ve weighed a ton, she killed my arms after holding her for so long. Sheesh. Anyways, when I put her back down, I swear Cinnamon started running the other way, towards that man and his dog. It was so cute! She was tugging me hard, too.

I looked at her, and said laughing, “Cinnamon you wanna go back and play with that dog?”

She’s like yeah, yeah, yeah, but then I said, “No not this time Cinnamon let’s go this way.”

So, we finally made our way back home and Cinnamon was all happy coming home. She had an extra kick in her feet, a spring in her step, and I felt the same way.

I swear that guy was right, while I was walking back home, I just realized how much that dog did look like Cinnamon. haha They could’ve been twins separated at birth, except they had different colored fur and that dog had a huge bushy tail like a lion. Oh well, maybe next time they both won’t bark at each other and they’ll be able to meet each other for real, til then I’m glad I met them.

It’s times like these when I feel happy and I realize how blessed I am. Everything is connected, everything really does matter. I mean, here was this guy whom I had never seen before and we just happened to bump into each other walking by? That was no coincidence, it was meant to be I just know it. That put a smile on my face.