Cinnamon Did You Miss Me?

Hey guys, I’ve been gone for awhile, but I am  back and I’m ready to tell you all another funny story about Cinnamon!

Tonight, my sister, my mom and I were all sitting in front of the TV watching The Amazing Race, which is awesome by the way. My sister was sitting in front of the TV on our black chair swiveling back and forth, filling out a bunch of papers to apply for graduation at her grad school to finally become a teacher! Wahoo, anyways Cinnamon wanted some love, so she came out of nowhere and sat next to my sister, popped her head up to her and was like hey, give me some head rubs Emily, please please, please?


My sister stopped filling out the papers, looked down and said, “Hey Cinnamon hows it goin?” Then, she gave her some pretty nice head-rubs!


Cinnamon always loves when my sister does that! Cinnamon was like aw yeah, that hit the spot, keep going. She was acting like she was getting a good neck massage. Haha

It was so funny watching Cinnamon with my sister. One second my sister would be giving her head-rubs and she was all happy and mellow, but then when my sister stopped, she would sit there staring, staring up at my sister, nudging her fingers til she gave her some more head-rubs. She’s like Emily, more cuddles, more cuddles! My sister, on the other hand, was just trying to watch the show.

Cinnamon just kept sitting there, watching my sister, waiting for her to give her more cuddles, so when there was finally a commercial on TV, my sister started giving her some more head-rubs, but this time she was giving her scratches behind her ears. Cinnamon loved it so much she started lick lick lick lick licking my sister’s hand. Haha It was so cute!


My sister thought it was cute too so she bent down closer to Cinnamon and whispered, “Aww, Cinnamon did you miss me, huh? Did you miss me!”

It’s so true, my sister is gone a lot. She goes off to teach a 7th grade math class so she’s gone during the day and comes back at dinner.

So, when my sister finally makes it back, Cinnamon follows my sister around the house, everywhere she goes begging her for cuddles, playing with her squeak toys, and getting some yummy dog treats. She will sit and stare straight into my sister’s eyes, til she gets what she wants! Yikes! Cinnamon definitely wants attention from her, but every time she does her homework or grades her kids papers she gets so jealous, she’s like hey what about me? Silly Nut!

So, tonight, I really don’t think she wanted my sister to keep filling out her application! So, she continued sitting there right next to my sister getting cuddles.

My sister didn’t even notice how many times she kept doing this. She was so into watching the show and trying to fill out her papers. Cinnamon didn’t care though as long as she got her cuddles she was good.

A little later, my sister was getting a bit pissed off sitting on the chair still trying to fill out her papers, while trying to keep scratching Cinnamon’s head, so she said, “Ya know Cinnamon its really hard to do this and that at the same time!”

I started bursting out laughing. Cinnamon didn’t seem to care about that, well at least not until my sister stopped giving her head rubs. She got so sad and depressed, she’s like why’d you stop? She even started staring up at me too, wondering why my sister stopped. So, she got closer, nudged my sister’s hand with her nose, and my sister said, “Ok I“ll give you some more rubs!”

A few minutes later, my sister stopped again. Cinnamon waited, and waited, and waited, but it didn’t work. My sister wasn’t gonna give her rubs anymore.

Cinnamon gave up on her after awhile, cus my sister was just sitting there staring into the TV like she was mesmerized by it, so instead, she rushed over by my feet, rested her sweet little head on my knees, gave me those silly puppy dog eyes, and She’s like Paula give me head rubs please?

I said, “Oh so now your comin over here now, huh? Emily stopped giving u head rubs didn’t she?”

I started cracking up, as she shot me this look like Paula just pet me already please! I finally gave in and gave her some cuddles, and she ran back to sit next to my sister’s feet and laid by her feet. haha That was fast!


Later, while we were all half-way done watching The Amazing Race, Cinnamon was sadly sitting by my sister’s feet, all alone, with no cuddles. So, depressed.

Then, my mom said out of nowhere, “Cinnamon wanna sit up here!”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Cinnamon jumped up on the chair my mom was sitting in and sat right next to her. She loves sitting with my mom, especially in our nice comfy leather chair. Good times!

My sister noticed that and said, “Hey, I lost my little puppy!”

I couldn’t stop laughing after she said that. Cinnamon didn’t mind though, she was with mom now. Even now as we watch the end of the show, she’s still cuddling with my mom! I don’t think she’ll move from that spot ever, at least til she goes to bed!