Cinnamon You wanna finish watching Lost with me, Right After We Read The Color Purple?

Hey guys, this morning I woke up at like 10 am, and I was so tired I didn’t want to get out of bed. I finally slept well last night, so I was happy, but I still didn’t wanna move. So, I laid there a little longer while  listening to the music on my radio and as I almost fell back asleep the alarm on my phone went off so I got up turned it off and made my way downstairs, yawning as I walked down the stairs.

As I walked by the living room, I plopped all my stuff down on the couch where I usually sit and made my way to the kitchen. It was weird cus I normally find Cinnamon all cute, cuddling up on the couch, but she wasn’t there this time.

Didn’t think much on it, so I went to the kitchen made my breakfast, which was some blueberries and grapes with some strawberry yogurt that I put on top. It’s good! While I was doing that, I heard my mom say, “Hey, I’m going to the grocery store I’ll be back soon!”

I said, “Ok bye!”I heard my sister say that too, right when I did, (We do that all the time by the way! She’s like my twin!).

My sister was sitting in the living room on the couch, working on her schoolwork again. Ew, that would be too early for me to do on a Saturday morning! I’d rather watch TV.

Anyway, my mom  finally made her way out the door, closed it shut, and I continued making my breakfast.

When I was done, I brought my food in the living room so I could go on my labtop and eat my food, but then all of a sudden Cinnamon was sitting right there, right next to all of my stuff!

It was so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing! She came out of nowhere, shoved her face right next to my butterfly pillow, my labtop, my winnie the pooh stuffed animal from Disneyland, and The Color Purple, which is an amazing book that I’ve been reading lately for a feminist book club that I just joined online. The book is pretty intense, but its so inspiring and I would recommend it to any of you who out there who like to read like me. I guess Cinnamon wanted to read it, too! haha On top of all of that, the little nerd was also sitting right on top of my copy of Lost Season 1. It’s hard to tell that she’s sleeping on it, cus she’s covering it up with her mooshface, but you can see Charlie’s face on it!


When I saw that, I laughed and said, “Cinnamon you wanna finishing watching Lost with me, right after we read The Color Purple?” I wouldn’t blame her I love watching Lost, it was my fav show when it came out, so I went crazy and bought it a few years ago. I started watching it a few weeks ago and didn’t finish it, but every time I did watch it, Cinnamon would come up on the couch and curled up on the couch with me, like she wanted to watch it, too. haha Now, that she’s laying on top of it, it’s hilarious!

When I said that, Cinnamon didn’t move she just got closer to that spot, but I could see she staring up at me with her beaty brown eyes. Cinnamon was like dude I’m trying to sleep, 5 more minutes. haha

I went close started taking pics of her, cus I had to! She was just so cute!

I looked at Cinnamon and she looked so sad sitting there with her face smooshed inside my stuff. Later, my sis said that while I was making breakfast, Cinnamon came over on the couch got in between my stuff, then she popped her head up, and lifted her ears up listening for my mom carefully as she twisted her head back and forth. When Cinnamon realized my mom was gone, she sighed, plopped her head back down, and shoved her face back into in my pillow. She did all that right before I came in the living room to sit on the couch.

She’s silly poor baby she missed my mom so much!

When I sat down on the couch, Cinnamon was still cuddling next to my stuff, so I said, “Gee, Cinnamon where do i sit?”

So, she moved over a bit, while i was trying to figure out how to sit down. It was a tight squeeze, but I made it work! I put my book next to Cinnamon on her left, and put Pooh behind her butt, grabbed my pillow and labtop and sat down. Sheesh, that was not easy, let me tell you but once i sat down CInnamon started cuddling with me too, it was so cute! She melted her face into my leg and tried to get in some more zzz’s.

While I was sitting there, I was still taking some more pics of her, but I don’t think she liked that very much. At least I don’t think so anyways, cus she shot me this look like hey quit it leave me alone Paula!


Boy was she pissed off at me! I just thought it was funny cus while she looked up at me like that, my pooh was sitting right behind her, like they were taking a selfie and it was photobombing the pic!

I laughed and said, “My bad Cinnamon I’ll stop you’re just so cute! I wanted to take your picture”

Funny thing is, after a few minutes, Cinnamon didn’t really want to sit there anymore cus my Color Purple book was sliding on top of her and when it hit her face, she’s like hey get this book off me! Also, she didn’t like sleeping on top of my Lost thing anymore, so she’s like ahh, theres too much stuff, I’m out of here!  So she ran for it. hehe

Now she’s sleeping by my feet and she got all excited when my mom came back from the store. That’s one way to get her off the couch. Now, I finally have some room!