Cinnamon vs. the Crouching Lizard

Today, Cinnamon and I went out on a walk together. I said Cinnamon let’s go! and she was out the door in two seconds flat. She was so excited! The second we walked outside though, the weather was weird. I went out thinking it would be cooler with a nice breeze, boy was I wrong! It was super humid out there, like we were walking in an oven and I started sweating a lot. Nice! That’s Southern California weather for ya, you never know what the temps gonna be like. It sucks!

Anyways, I’m walking along and the walk was fine, not that many people around the neighborhood and Cinnamon was prancing along, peeing on all the poles she could find and shoving her nose in the grass, yeah it was great!

When we took our short cut through the houses, she shoved her whole face into a green hole. There were so many ants running around it, but she sure didn’t seem to mind! I was like ew, Cinnamon get away from that you crazy nut! She was like no way, Paula I wanna stay here! She is one curious dog! I decided to leave though so she wouldn’t get ants all over her! So, we went on our way again. She was all sad though while we walked away, like aw man, I wanna stay!

Then, out of nowhere, while we were walking next to another house Cinnamon likes to walk next to, I swear, I saw this huge green lizard sitting right in front of Cinnamon bathing in the sunlight!


Cinnamon sure didn’t see it! In fact, if I hadn’t stopped her from walking on the sidewalk she would’ve ran straight into it with a SMACK. Now, that would’ve been hilarious, but very messed up. haha

So, I pulled the leash back and she just stopped. It was funny cus she was right in front of that lizard, but she still didn’t see it! She was looking straight up at me like hey, why’d you stop walking? She wanted to keep going! Also, to make things worse, normally by then the lizard would run away, but it didn’t! It just stayed there and I was like are you kidding me? I wanted the stupid lizard to get out of there quick before Cinnamon went all crazy on it! The one thing Cinnamon hates just as much as cats, are lizards! Once she sees them, it’s all over.

haha I couldn’t stop laughing! So, I decided to keep going a little and finally the lizard ran off into this small garden of flowers nearby (which was gorgeous by the way). Took it long enough geez! Then, all of a sudden, BOOM Cinnamon went off running after it!

I said, “Oh now you see it!”

Cinnamon was like let me at em let me at em! It was too late though, that lizard was long gone by now, but Cinnamon sure didn’t think so! She’s like Paula, let me go, I wanna eat it! Ew that would be nasty! I hate lizards too ok! They give me the creeps! Like I wanted to keep following after it!

So, I tugged on the leash and said, “Oh no, Cinnamon! No way! Let’s go baby! Let’s go!”

I was trying everything to get her to leave with me, to go back inside and get away from that lizard, but she kept lunging after it. Then, when I didn’t think things could get any worse, she planted her butt firmly on the ground and was like No!


Sheesh, by then I thought we’d never get out of there, when she does that I can’t even get her to move! She was glued to that spot, she would not budge an inch. So, after a lot of pulling on my part, and I

Man,  all this for a lizard seriously? haha That’s my dog! Cinnamon is one silly dog, but I love her very much! Can’t wait to see what else she decides to eat next?