Cinnamon’s St. Patrick’s Day Mischief

Tonight, my mom came back from her walk with Cinnamon and she said, all out of breath,  “Ahh, Cinnamon, she almost ran away! “As she said that, I was in the kitchen making some toast, I was about to say something, but then Cinnamon came bursting into the kitchen, ran straight up to me and sat down (leash and all). She’s like hi, hi, hi!

NIMG_20160317_094222ext thing I know my mom is rushing into the kitchen, all upset and frustrated, trying to take the leash off of  Cinnamon.

I grabbed my toast out of the toaster, put it on my plate, and then I said, ‘Mom what’s going on? Did Cinnamon really get away? What happened?”

My mom looked up at me and said, “Paula, Cinnamon was standing right next to me, and then out of nowhere, Cinnamon saw a cat, not just any cat, the black cat that she hates right across the street. Anyways, the instant she saw that cat it was all over, she ran quickly across the street bouncing after it.”

“What are you serious?” I said, as I stood there eating my toast.

“Yeah” my mom continued as she stood there in front of me, “Cinnamon was bouncing after it across the street, and then right before she was about to keep running after it, I yelled out STOP. In that moment, Cinnamon stopped. I’m telling you she just stopped right there in front of me as I ran across the street to get her. She stayed there, didn’t move, and waited for me to pick up the leash, while the cat ran away!”

When my mom told that story I said, “Whoa, you sure got lucky mom!”

“I know, if I hadn’t done that, who knows what that cat would’ve done to Cinnamon!” my mom said, as she bent down to give Cinnamon some head rubs. After my mom said that, I started cracking up. It’s true though that cat can get pretty ugly!

So, after she told me this story, I looked down at Cinnamon who was still sitting by my feet, and I said, “Hey, good girl baby, good girl!” as I stood there, scratching the back of her ears, scratch scratch scratch she was like oh yeah, that hits the spot! She was in doggy heaven.

Cinnamon sure has been having bad luck these past two days! Last night, my mom came back and said that the second she got outside Cinnamon had a barking match with like 3 huge dogs. Talk about bad luck! Jeez! Then, after all that Cinnamon ran upstairs and curled up in a ball all in a huff. She’s like no way am I going back out there again. No way. lol Silly nut!

Maybe Cinnamon just needs a four leaf clover or a pot of gold from a leprochaun! haha That would be awesome!

Oh my gosh, while i am writing this, just when I was about to finish my blog, Cinnamon jumped on the couch, got super ridiculously close to me, and dooted me with her nose. She’s like play, play, play! I guess she doesn’t want me to write anymore! She’s so cute! Gotta go guys!

Hope everyone is having a Happy St. Patrick’s Day from me and Cinnamon!