Cinnamon: I Don’t Want You to Send These Cards, Play with Me Instead

On Saturday, my sister and I found these cute purple Easter cards with bunnies on them and we wanted to send them out to our family. So, yesterday we realized if we didn’t get them out at least by today, through the mail, they’d be late for Easter. I can’t even believe Easter is coming so fast, it feels like it was just February one second ago and now it’s the end of March? Where does the time go?

Anyways, we signed them, and I decided I would take them to the mailbox (which is really, really far down our street by the way!). Easy! So, I got the cards together, put addresses on them this morning, while i was sitting on the couch. Cinnamon was nowhere to be seen, she was probably sitting by the door. I looked around and found her there, licking her paw, lick, lick lick. haha

I said, “Good morning Cinnamon!”

She didn’t seem to care though, she just ignored me and continued going lick, lick, lick, lick.

So, I went back to addressing my cards, when I was done, I picked them all up put some flowery stamps on them and I was ready to go. I put on my shoes and by then Cinnamon had been sitting on the edge of the couch.

I peeked over at her and said, “Geez, where did you come from?”

I swear she’s so quiet sometimes, I didn’t even hear her move to that spot! Also, right when I decided to go to the mailbox my mom was leaving too, so when i found Cinnamon laying there on the couch, she was all slumped down, all sad. She’s like mom’s gone!

Right when I was about to step out the door, I couldn’t find my letters! I was like oh great, here we go again. I’m always misplacing things these days. I had no idea where the dumb things were.

Then, as I walked down all sad and sat back down on the couch, I stared up at Cinnamon and there they were!


My cards were right there just sitting there under Cinnamon’s chin!

I was so pissed I said, “Cinnamon  you were trying to hide my cards you silly nut! I gotta send these off today ya know!”

She sat there, with this look on her face, like oh no Paula, don’t go to the mailbox, play with me instead! haha

She’s a butt, I was putting my shoes on and she knew i was going to leave too.

I said, “Ciiinamon you know I’m gonna be right back!”

My mailbox is far, but it’s not that far. I mean what it takes like 3 minutes tops to get there and back. With my mom she gets back so fast, it’s like she power walks there and back. I don’t know how she does it! I can’t do that for sure!

So, after I said that I started cracking up, Cinnamon is so silly sometimes! So, I finally grabbed the cards from her, which wasn’t easy by the way since she kept putting her weight down on it, so I was like, “Cinnamon I need these things!” Sheesh, she was going  all out.

When I finally mailed my cards, I came back and Cinnamon was sitting all sad on the couch like this: