Cinnamon, The Gigantic Blanket, & Her New Boyfriend

So a few days ago, I found Cinnamon cuddling on the couch like this:


When I first came downstairs, I almost couldn’t even see her cus she was shoving her face into these huge covers and she blends in, but then as I walked down there she was popping her head up, as she noticed me on the steps. When she did that, I could not stop laughing I mean it was so funny! She’s never done that before!

She was just all curled up! Boy did that look comfy, I wanted to jump in right next to her and cuddle with her. She was so cute!

Later, while i was sitting there giving her some head rubs, my mom came in and said, “Hey, Paula Cinnamon made a new doggy friend this morning!”

When I heard that, I stared down at Cinnamon, and I said, with a huge grin on my face, “You did!”

She threw me this look like yeah, yeah, yeah! It was so funny, i had no idea she had a new dog friend!

“Yeah she did!” My mom said as she got closer to Cinnamon, starting to give Cinnamon some head rubs too, “And it was with a boy.”

I started cracking up and the I said joking around, “Wow, a boy, that’s so awesome!”

My mom said that  when these dogs first met, Cinnamon ran up to it while it was running around freely on one of our neighbor’s freshly mown lawns, and it was all sunny outside. Cinnamon rushed over to him and they both started running around playing. She said it was so cute, they just kept touching noses every two seconds. She didn’t tell me what that dog’s name was, but she did say it was a bit smaller than Cinnamon, and that it was a small white fluffy dog, kinda like her. When my mom left she said that Cinnamon got all sad and depressed cus they had to leave.

I thought this was weird, at first. Seriously, every time I take Cinnamon on a walk, she never does that with a dog! She usually barks like crazy at’em til we have to pick her up and leave. This time i guess it was different! She must really like this dog! How cute, now I want to see this dog, it sounds so cute!

“Aww, Cinnamon has a new boyfriend!” I said, as I kept sitting there next to Cinnamon. I didn’t want to move fro that spot, and neither did Cinnamon!  By then, Cinnamon really mushed her face into the soft, cozy gigantic blanket.

By then, I was just thinking no wonder she was sitting on the couch like that, sleeping in our covers, she had a busy morning!

Cinnamon is so cute, I hope she gets to play with her new boyfriend again. They sound cute together!