Cinnamon: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Today, Cinnamon was so funny!

I was sitting on the couch on my labtop just hanging out and my sister was doing her homework right next to me.

My sister got hot so she stood up and started taking off her huge jacket, next thing I know she’s saying, “Hey look at Cinnamon!”

I looked up from my computer and said, “What?”

I had no idea what she was talking about, I couldn’t even see where Cinnamon was, but then I looked over to the window and there she was sitting right in the drapes, staring up at my sister’s face.


I started cracking up, I could not stop laughing! I mean, seriously, Cinnamon was staring up at my sister as she was taking off her jacket, while she was sitting in the window.

While my sister was standing there, I said, “You do know Cinnamon’s staring at you right?”

My sister said, staring back at me, “Yeah!”

It’s so funny Cinnamon just kept staring at her with these googly eyes, like Emily, when is this rain gonna stop, I wanna go out on a walk now! Well whatever it was, I couldn’t stop laughing. Watching Cinnamon do that was priceless!

Weird thing is, Cinnamon didn’t even have to be under the drapes in the first place, they were  open half-way, but she just does it anyways, with most of her body covered up and her head stuck out the window. Then when she gets out of the drapes after a long time, her little head pops out first, as she tucks her way under the drapes, then she drinks some of her water, lick, lick, lick and runs for the door.

Nothing is ever boring with Cinnamon around. It’s been so freezing cold here lately and rainy, no wonder Cinnamon was all sad sitting there at the window.

A few minutes later, my mom came in all ready to go out on a walk with Cinnamon. She said those three magic words to Cinnamon: “Cinnamon, let’s go!”

Cinnamon was definately not sad anymore, not after she heard that, she popped out of the drapes so fast after my mom said that. I guess she’s not sad anymore! Silly nut! She was so excited, she ran right up to my mom, like yay, yay, yay! She was wiggling her cute stubby tail as my mom got the leash and waited by the door. So cute!

It was funny though cus the moment my mom opened the door, she said, “Blast it’s raining again!

My mom was just gonna go back in after that, she was so pissed off! Then she changed her mind, grabbed our old neon colored umbrella, that kinda works, and said, “Come on Cinnamon it’s not bad! You’re used to it! Lets go!”

Cinnamon sure wanted to do that! She bolted straight out the door with mom as fast as she could. Now they’re both finally going on their walk together. hehe Hope that goes well by the way. Cinnamon’s been barking like crazy at a lot of dogs lately and yesterday my mom said that Cinnamon accidentally ran up to this guy who was running by and snipped the guys jacket. Whoops, guess she really didn’t like that guy! My mom had to pull her away. She’s crazy!

Anyways, bye guys and hope you all have a great weekend from both me and Cinnamon!!

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