Cinnamon: I have Ants in my Pants!

Tonight, Cinnamon was acting weird, a lot weirder than usual.

Cinnamon was out on a walk right, I was having fun watching 50 First Dates on TNT (which is one of my favorite chic flicks by the way!) eating my toast, then all of a sudden BOOM she blasts through the door, jumps on the couch and gets so close to me I think she’s going to take my eyes out, right in my face. She’s like Hello!

When she did that, she almost knocked the toast out of my hands, of course I’m left handed and she decides to come out of nowhere super fast and super close right while I’m trying to eat! Nice!

I said “Gee, Cinnamon too close! I’m trying to eat here ya know?’

I mean seriously, she got so close, she sat there for a little while, stared at me with this funny look, and then dug herself into my covers, and started cuddling with me. Mind you this was very cute, but she was way too close.

Funny thing is, I don’t even know how she got into that spot in the first place, but she sure made room for herself in that spot, in that dinky, space right in between me and my labtop. Sheesh, she’s crazy!

Talk about no personal space!

My sister was sitting on our swiveling chair, watching the whole thing, and she started saying, “Whoa, what’s with her I’ve never seen her get that close before!”

After she said that, I busted out laughing and so did she. She was right, Cinnamon sure was acting funny.

Then, Cinnamon started back-sneezing, which is this terrible thing that happens to some dogs when they can’t breathe very well or get something caught in their nose, very uncomfortable.

When I found out that she was back-sneezing, I looked up at my sister and said, “Yep, I knew it I knew she was gonna do that! Poor Cinnamon, poor baby!’

I was right! See, whenever Cinnamon back-sneezes, she starts following us around everywhere or gets so close to us acting like she has ants in her pants! lol

It got worse! Right before I went to bed tonight, my mom went to sleep early right, so Cinnamon decided to run into her room, SLAMMED the door open, and my mom said from upstairs, “Hey, Cinnamon what are you doing here? How long have you been in here you silly dog?”

When I heard my mom say that, I started cracking up! She said that she found Cinnamon sitting in the dark by her bed, like hey mom can I sleep in here with you! Silly nut! She knows that mom doesn’t like having Cinnamon in her room. Then, she ran back down the stairs!

The last thing she did tonight was even better. I was brushing my teeth all tired and ready to hit the sack and go to bed right, feeling all nice and peaceful, and then I opened the door and found Cinnamon all curled up nicely on my bed.


She was right in the middle of all of my stuff, cuddling next to my warm, soft dog blanket and my blue round pillow.

No wonder she went in there, it looked so comfy! She’s like I wanna sleep with you tonight Paula! Oh boy after I saw her sitting there I knew it would hard to get her out of that spot!

I quickly grabbed my phone and took pics of her and she was so cute:


I was half happy about seeing her like that, she’s like oh yeah, this is what I’m talking about, and I was half-pissed saying, “Cinnamon where am I gonna sleep?”

Yeah when I said that, she did not move at all. She just sat there with this cute sad puppy dog look on her face. It made me melt, she is so cute, so I gave her some head-rubs, which she loved by the way, and then I picked her up and put her back in her doggy bed.

Cinnamon didn’t like that, the second I did that she’s like aw man, I want to stay on the bed with you! She was off to sleep next to the door like she always does. So cute!

Now, while I’m writing this blog, she’s been sleeping on the right side of my bed, she’s so cute! I like that she likes to get close and cuddle when she’s not feeling so good, but sometimes she can go overboard with it. I still love her anyways!

I hope she doesn’t back-sneeze again though, it scares the crap out of me when she does it, it’s so loud ya know I always jump! hehe

Have a great day from Cinnamon and me!