Cinnamon Knock Knock, Who’s There?

My sister and I were sitting on the couch last night minding our own business hanging out and watching something on my labtop just chilling out.

All of a sudden, we hear this loud DING DONG at the door, next thing I know Cinnamon, who had been sitting by the door the whole time, let out this shrieking loud bark.

IMG_20160327_124732My sister and I jumped right at the same time. That freaked the crap out of me! My heart was pounding out of my chest and everything. It was getting pretty late too, 9:00 pm. Geez.

Then, my sister said, “Oh, it’s Barbara!”

haha we both started cracking up! We forgot she was stopping by tonight. hehe

Before my sister opened the door, I said to Cinnamon, “Hey, that’s Barbara, you silly nut! You love her!”

Cinnamon had stopped by then, she’s like whoops my bad! Instead of barking now she was wagging her cute stubby tail really really fast by the door! She’s like yeah, Barbara, Barbara, Barbara!

My sister opened the door and by that time she had picked Cinnamon up, who had just been squirming in my sister’s arms the whole time.

Then, out popped Barbara with a bag full of nail polish, “Hey Emily how’s it goin?” she said as she sat there giving Cinnamon some head-rubs. Boy was Cinnamon happy!

“Good! Thanks for all this stuff!” my sister said grabbing the bag from her.

“Sure no prob, see ya Em! Bye Cinnamon, bye!” Barbara said as she went off.

That was a quick visit, but Cinnamon was all happy to see her for sure!

Cinnamon loves Barbara! She and my mom with Cinnamon and her 3 good doggy pals every morning around our neighborhood  (very early in the morning while I am sound asleep! lol). Cinnamon’s always getting some treats from her hehe.

Cinnamon is so funny! Lately, whenever someone comes to the door like that and rings the doorbell or gives the door and bangs on it, Cinnamon always starts barking like crazy, she’s done it to my sister one time when she came to the door all in a hurry with a bunch of stuff in her hands banging into the door trying to get the door open with her keys. I always go to the door saying Cinnamon it’s just Emily and i open the door and she’s all like whoa, its Emily it’s Emily. It’s like that knock knock joke, knock knock Who’s there? Emily. Emily who? Emily’s at the door Cinnamon! haha Silly nut!

Cinnamon has also barked at my mom a few times when she comes to the door using the doorbell, but then when she realized it was mom, she instantly stops runs up to my mom all in a frenzy and tries to doot my mom on the leg with her nose while she’s holding a bunch of grocery bags in her hands. lol

I guess Cinnamon doesn’t like doorbells, or loud knocks. Great! lol Oh well I still think she is hilarious and very very cute I can’t wait to see who she barks at next! At least I know that she’s a good dog alarm, whenever a bad guy stops by she’ll scare them off for sure with that crazy bark!

Hope you all have a great weekend! from Cinnamon and me!!