Cinnamon, the Mini Tree & A Little Boy That Brightened Our Day

Wow, today on our walk Cinnamon had super-speed. I don’t know how, but she was zooming in and out of the neighborhood like The Flash. lol She was nuts! I didn’t mind, I guess I was going on a “Power Walk this afternoon, who figured? Anyways, it was such a beautiful day outside, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, their was a nice breeze hitting my face, it was so relaxing and there wasn’t anyone in sight.

As we walked around, Cinnamon was still going at top speed, I was just thinking whoa I hope I can keep up with her. I was wondering where she was off to in such a hurry. She didn’t even stop to pee or sniff a lot, she was on the prowl for something. I didn’t mind so we continued on our “Power Walk”

As we kept walking, she finally stopped right in front of one of the houses. Finally, I could catch my breath. I said, “Whoa Cinnamon you sure are ready to go today, little energizer bunny!”

Right when I said that, I stepped right on top of this mini poo that was on the sidewalk, and I said, “Ew, that is disgusting! Why would someone leave their poo right on the sidewalk?”

Cinnamon didn’t care though, she was busy sniff, sniff, sniffing the grass which was a beautiful shade of light green, like it was freshly mown, and there were tons of crunchy leaves all around her. She was digging her nose into a few leaves when I said, “Ok cinnamon time to go!”

She wouldn’t budge, she’s like but I wanna stay with the leaves! I said no and pulled her in my direction. She’s like ok fine, and then we were off again, going at a steadier pace this time. Thank God!

We finally got to our short cut, hehe and made our way back around to the house by now. Things were going great! There was not one dog in sight so Cinnamon hadn’t barked at anything there wasn’t even a cat. Awesome!

Funny thing is, right while we were walking through some houses, Cinnamon walked right up to this tiny funny looking tree that had been sitting right next to a car. She loves that tree, she always stops there and sniffs it, every single time I go through there. it’s her tree! haha

This time though, she got stuck!

I could not stop laughing! She somehow ended up all wrapped around the tree and I was like, “Cinnamon what happened? Are you stuck baby?”

Whoa, she sure was stuck around that tree! haha I don’t know how she did it, but she did!

She didn’t even notice that she was stuck, in fact, she was off staring at someone off in the distance like a deer in headlights,  so I stood there waiting for her to figure it out.IMG_20160419_135048

When she did notice, she was like, What, how do I get out of here?


So, instead of walking around the tree, she tried to come towards me and I was like, “Uh Cinnamon, I don’t think that’s gonna work! You’ll get even more stuck than you were before! Just hold on ok I’ll get you out bunny!”

It took me forever, but I finally got her out of that tree. Geez, that was nuts! She is so silly!

Right after that I took a few more pics of her in the grass by another tree! She looked so cute standing there, enjoying the shade!


She’s like oh yeah, I like this tree a lot better, Paula! lol I agreed, it was nice to take a break in the shade before setting out again on our walk.

Later, we met this father and his cute son who was like 3 or 4 years old sitting outside his door on a pretty bench.  As Cinnamon and I  walked by their orange condo, the little boy said, “Puppy, Puppy!”

He was so cute! Cinnamon and I stopped and I said, “Hi!” to both of them, and the little boy just kept staring at Cinnamon bouncing up and down on the bench all excited to see Cinnamon. He was giggling so much, it was so contagious he got me smiling, too.

I hadn’t been on a walk lately, so it was nice being outside in the first place, in the fresh air, but it was also nice meeting up with them, too. Just to see the look on that little boy’s face totally brigthened my day and it sure brightened up Cinnamon’s day too cus while we stood there Cinnamon was wagging her cute stubby tail back and forth and back and forth. She’s like hi, hi, hi.

When I decided to leave, I waved and said, “Goodbye!”

The little boy’s father smiled and said, “Bye!”

Just then, as we crossed the corner, Cinnamon peed on the grass, and the little boy was still siting on their pretty wooden bench saying as he giggled and laughed, “hehe, Goodbye, Goodbye!”

Aww, he was so sweet!I had a huge smile on my face as we went back. I’m glad I met them and Cinnamon sure was too cus on the way back she had a a little spring in her step and so did I.

Just goes to show, some things in life are meant to be. I love the little moments like this in life, those are the moments that stay in my heart forever! Although, the other little moments I treasure too, are times when Cinnamon acts silly and somehow wraps herself around a tree! Good times huh?