Cinnamon’s Fun Friday

Cinnamon was having fun in slumber, nicely placed on the couch, cuddling in a perfect ball right in between two of my sister’s pillows, hehe.


Then suddenly out of nowhere, she heard something outside, and she instantly popped her head up and put it right on top of pooh with these huge googley eyes staring up wide like she as about ready to pounce!


She’s like what the heck is that?

I was like Cinnamon What is it baby?

She sat there all cute for a little while, but its funny cus she not only popped her head up on top of pooh, but she also raised her ears up, like shh, paula I’m trying to listen!

Then, she high-tailed it to the door all in a rush and sat there licking her paws, lick. lick, lick.


I had to know what was going on now!  So, as I opened the drapes and peeked outside, at first I didn’t see a thing I thought man she is going crazy! Then, suddenly, coming around the corner I saw this huge white Fed-ex Truck coming our way haha She hates those guys! She doesn’t like UPS either and its funny cus my mom used to work for them hehe.

Jeez, all that for a Fed-Ex Truck, really Cinnamon really?

Oh well i guess her three minutes in fun, didn’t last too long on the couch.


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