Cinnamon Go Away I’m Trying to Tie my Shoes!

Yesterday, my sister and I had some time off, so we decided to take Cinnamon on a walk! Cinnamon was so excited she almost peed in her pants!

The second I grabbed her leash and her little purple poop bags in the kitchen she was standing there in the living room staring up at me wagging her cute little tail off.

When I turned around I was like Cinnamon you ready?

When I said that she’s like yay, walk, walk, walk! She started bouncing around the room like an energizer bunny. lol

She ran straight for the living room kept following me as I slipped on my favorite flip flops by the door. I said wow boy do you have a lot of energy today!

Then, suddenly, Emily (my sister) came downstairs and Cinnamon got even more excited! She’s like Emily, Emily, Emily! haha She was like yeah, now we can all go on a walk! Cinnamon loves it when the two of us go on walks together with her!

This time, Cinnamon was so excited that while my sister was bending down, trying to put on her shoes while she was sitting on our soft, comfy recliner chair by the window, Cinnamon ran straight through my sister’s legs hehe

She popped out on other side, right in front of my sister, as she got on her first shoe, and sat there staring up in my sister’s face like yay, emily lets go lets go!

My sister said, “Paula look she’s goin under my feet!”

I said, “Oh no, Cinnamon you silly nut!”

It was so funny we both started cracking up. Cinnamon hates going under people’s legs, she never does that, ever. haha A few times I have tried having her go under my legs, but she freaks out and runs the other way. Not this time  I guess!

Cinnamon was having so much fun that she went back through my sister’s legs again and she popped out next to me this time, dooting me on the leg with her  wet nose. haha

I said, “Hi Cinnamon watcha doin buddy?”

She’s like I wanna go Paula, I wanna go! Jeez, she was going crazy, but it sure was funny watching her do that!

It got worse! Cinnamon went back through my sister’s legs one last time and decided to sit right in the middle of my sister’s legs and did not move. lol Sheesh!


She was popping her head out and everything!
This time my sister was trying to tie one of her shoes, but Cinnamon wouldn’t let her. Cinnamon still sat there and my sister was like Hey Cinnamon, Go Away I’m Tryin To Tie My Shoes!

She didn’t move though, not til my sister finished. She’s like come on Emily let’s go! She reminds me of a kid sometimes, ya know when they start nagging you to do something. Cinnamon was definately doing that for sure! lol

haha Jeez, all of that before the walk even started!