Cinnamon vs. The Little White Surprise

This morning I woke up early at 8:30, decided to have some breakfast. I made this really good smoothie with blueberries and raspberries. Yum! While I was doing that, Cinnamon was sleeping on the couch on top of my sister’s pillow. She was so cute with her little red bows in her ears!

IMG_20160325_105725My mom came in and said “Hey Paula gotta go, I just have to tell you something that Cinnamon discovered while on our walk.”

At first, I thought what is she talking about? I mean, she could’ve found anything out there and I mean anything! Lately, when I take her out on a walk, Cinnamon is always finding something to chomp on and eat. One time, she found some kind of acorn and made that her afternoon snack, and other times she decides to have some leafy greens (some weeds or grass here and there) hehe Other times, she actually finds some bones on the ground left by people who decide to throw away some good food. Nice! My mom is always getting pissed at Cinnamon for that!  haha She’s like Cinnamon what are you doing get that out of your mouth!”

So today, my mom said that she saw a rat!

When she said that I turned my head and said, “Huh? A rat?”

Ok, I did not see that coming. We have never had a rat here before and to make things worse, she said that the rat was right in front of our house! Jeez, I really don’t wanna walk outside later and find that little rat in our front yard. That would suck! I don’t like them at all! I may skip the walk today if its out there. Ew, nasty!

It’s funny because my mom said that right when they went outside for their walk, Cinnamon started barking like crazy trying to pounce at that little rat, ready for a fight, she’s like let me at’em mom, let me at’em! Yeah right, my mom sure didn’t want to have a fight with that thing no way, but what makes it even funnier is that it wasn’t even mean looking or ugly  like sewage rats, she said it was a cute tiny white rat.

So when she said that, I started laughing I can just imagine how cute and fluffy that thing looked like and Cinnamon was still trying to kill it. Sheesh, but she is a good guard dog! She barked and that little white surprise stayed there for a sec and then ran for it. It didn’t even stand a chance! After that I don’t think it’ll come back ever again, but I don’t know I’m not taking any chances.