Cinnamon’s Car Ride & Our Trip to see Dr. Omar

Today, I decided to take Cinnamon with me to see my chiropractor Dr. Omar.

I’ve been seeing her for like 5 or 6 years now and she’s been such an amazing person in my life. She helps me especially with my back and my neck.  She’s like family to me now! The one thing Dr. Omar loves just as much as I do are dogs! She has three of her own, so sometimes I see her cute little beagle Momo running around the office. So cute!

Sometimes I bring Cinnamon over to see her and some of the office staff working there too. Cinnamon adores Dr. Omar! She always give her the best treats! haha

Today, we took a car ride, which Cinnamon loveIMG_20160503_161659s, and when we got to The Chiropractic Office, Cinnamon suddenly jumped on my lap while I was still trying to park and she was ready to fly out the door. She’s like let’s go let’s go let’s go! I was like wait, just one second and then right when I opened the door she whizzed around the corner of the building and took me straight into where Dr. Omar’s Office was. lol

I said, “Cinnamon baby you remember this place huh? It’s Dr. Omar!”

When I said that she got even more excited! She was like yay, yay, yay!  Cinnamon is pretty amazing! Even after not seeing Dr. Omar or Josie, the lady who works at the front desk, for a few months now, Cinnamon still remembered them.

Cinnamon walked right in and Josie was like, “Hey its Cinnamon!”

I said, “Yep!”

“Oh good bring her inside!” after that she quickly ran through the next door to get in and she was like whoa, its you, it’s you, its you! Cinnamon started running up to Josie and she got loads of cuddles from her!

Then, Dr. Omar popped her head up from behind the room and said, “Cinnamon! You’re here!”

When she said that Cinnamon went nuts! She started running back and forth and back and forth from me to Dr. Omar. Then, Dr. Omar went around the corner to another room and Cinnamon stopped… she waited.. and waited, and then two seconds later Dr. Omar brought out a huge doggy bone treat! She loved it so much that she ran from her, came over to me, and ate it by me. She was being shy. lol

Just then, Dr. Omar said laughing, “Ya know my dog does the same thing!”

It was so much fun for all of us to hang out with Cinnamon in the lobby for awhile. They especially complimented her on her nice, shiny soft new coat. Cinnamon had just been groomed a little while ago. They were all like aw she’s so sweet!

Things got even better! While Dr. Omar and I finally went in her room so she could help fix my back, I sat there trying to talk to her in one of the chairs before we started, so Cinnamon followed me into the room and sat right in the chair next to me. She was acting like she was one of Dr. Omar’s patient’s too.

Dr. Omar thought it was cute!

Finally, as Dr. Omar started working on my back and neck Cinnamon was glaring up at me with this weird look like whoa what the heck are you doing? See I was laying up high on this navy blue chiropractic chair and Cinnamon kept running around frantically trying to jump up there with me!

Cinnamon is so attached and Dr. Omar definately noticed that!

So Cinnamon kept trying to jump up there every two seconds then she gave up and ran around the front office again.

Later, when I was almost done, Dr. Omar was going to adjust my back, but then Cinnamon came out of nowhere and jumped in one of the chairs again and stayed there staring straight into my eyes. It was so weird! She got so close. I think Cinnamon was freakin out!

Dr. Omar said, “Now Cinnamon watch me do this here so you can help mommy at home ok?”

haha I could not stop laughing when she said that! That would be pretty funny if Cinnamon really did learn a few techniques from Dr. Omar so she could fix my back whenever it hurt and went out of whack at home. Nice!

Later, after it was all over, Dr. Omar decided to give Cinnamon some more treats, but instead she found Cinnamon roaming around in her back office.

Dr Omar was like “Hey, the treats aren’t back here Cinnamon, they’re over here!”

Then, she went back for her pile of treats, but Cinnamon got all shy again and ran off took the nice juicy mini doggy bone from her and ate it on the ground beside my feet, she’s like oh yeah this is the life!

After she chomped that away, I decided it was time to leave, so they all said goodbye to me and Cinnamon and Dr. Omar said giving Cinnamon one last cuddle on the head, “Now Cinnamon you come back anytime!”

Cinnamon almost didn’t want to go with me when we left, she had this really sad and depressed look on her face like, aww man I don’t wanna go!

So, I tugged her a bit and said, “We’ll come back I promise Cinnamon!”

I said bye to them too and then we were off again on another car ride back home. Cinnamon was all happy after that!