Cinnamon: Yum In-n-Out Burgers & Fries!

So, my sister and I were watching a movie and then all of a sudden I look down and see Cinnamon doing this:


I guess it’s time for some In-n-Out Burgers & some fries!!! I can see why she wanted some in the first place our food must’ve smelled pretty good from where she was sitting.

She’s like yum! I want some fries too, just one?

Just then, after she had stared us down with her cute googley eyes I snagged her one of my fries and gave it to her. She loved that so much that she grabbed it from my hand and ran off going chomp, chomp, chomp. Next thing i know Cinnamon came around for Round 2. I gave her one more, saying “ok Cinnamon thats the last one kay?”

yeah she didn’t hear me cus she just came back for a third time in a row. She’s like Yum, these fries are soo good! I guess she really likes In-n-Out! I know I do!

Emily, my sister, got in on it this time too. She said “Cinnamon come over here!” She threw  a fry right at her and Cinnamon got so excited she ran off with it in her mouth and chomp, chomp, chomped at that too.

My sister kept giving her more and then when she was done, Cinnamon just sat there staring at her like Hey, why’d ya stop? More, More More!

Emily was like no way Cinnamon thats it no more fries!

Cinnamon still sat there, she did not budge one second. I even said cinnamon go away but that didn’t work. She’s so silly!

Finally when my sister was done, she got up to throw away her food. Cinnamon jumped on the couch, stole my sister’s seat (Nice huh?) curled up in a ball and stared at my bag of food sitting there on the TV table.

I said No way Cinnamon! Don’t even think about it!”

She still sat there next to me like Paula i want some more of your food please? Oh jeez look what I started, I created a monster! haha Now she’ll keep coming back for more!