Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday #2

Hey everybody! Here’s another round of cute, silly pics of Cinnamon. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of Cinnamon. Hope you enjoy! Tell me which ones you like the most. I had fun taking these pics of her, although Cinnamon’s always so fast sometimes I can’t catch her, but when I do it comes out great! She hates it when I bring out the camera so she hides from me sometimes hehe or she sleeps on top of my phone. oh well, but I still get them!


Towels? Really? They must be really soft!


Book time! She’s sleeping on my new book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I guess she wants to curl up with a book this morning. Sounds good to me! I’ve been wanting to finish it, but who’s gonna tell Cinnamon that she can’t use it as a pillow anymore?


Cinnamon is just too cute, I found her this morning like this! Need I say more?


It’s Olaf! Time for some fun with her fav squeak toy! I just hope she doesn’t eat Olaf’s arm off! Ah! Not pretty!


Snacks anyone? Time to chow down, but which one to pick?


Aww, this is my fav! So cute! My sis and Cinnamon cuddling!


More cuddling!


Hope you all enjoyed these pics of Cinnamon! Which one did you love most?