Cinnamon’s Mess of Doom

A  few days ago, I walked upstairs, said goodnight to my sister, yawned a bit, and walked to my room to go to sleep. It was getting late and I wanted to try to fall asleep early this time. Yeah, like that was gonna happen! lol

Everything was great til I slowly opened the door, turned on the lights in my room, and right there all over the floor was trash and tissue paper! Jeez, I had to do a double-take like what the heck is going on? It looked like a gigantic tornado hit my room! It didn’t look like that before. I just cleaned it too and it was just an utter mess!

My whole trash bin was just laying there on the floor and guess who was sitting right in her little doggy bed grinning up at me with this funny look on her face: Cinnamon!

IMG_20160524_230536“Ah!” I said as I stood there wondering what to do next. Then, I started busting out laughing  as I stared over at Cinnamon saying,  “Cinnamon what the heck just happened in here anyways?”

She just popped her head up at me like I didn’t do it!

Then, I said, laughing, “Cinnamon how did such a tiny dog make such a huge mess? Well, its a good thing your cute!”

She still kept sitting there watching me as I started picking up every single part of my tissue papers that had been laying everywhere and shoved them back in my trash bin. Ew it was disgusting! Nasty! I will never ever leave that much trash lying in my room ever again! Not with Cinnamon around! She’s fast and lethal! It almost looked like she was having a  crazy party in my bedroom while I was away!

Lately, at night at around 9 or 9:30 pm Cinnamon’s also been disappearing upstairs while my sister, mom, and I watch TV. She’s been running up to hang out in my sister’s room! haha She goes there, sits in her clothes, and sleeps there like she’s some kind of bird in a nest and cuddles with them. Weird! My sister always gets so pissed at her when she does that! She hates it, but Cinnamon still does it anyways! I bet she’s gonna do it again tonight, unless my sister closes the door!

Last night, when I went to sleep, I found out that Cinnamon had been sleeping in my sister’s room again! I called out her name to figure out where she was cus she wasn’t in my room in her comfy doggy bed as usual.

So, when I said, “Cinnamon!” She popped her head out of my sister’s room, ran out and brought one of my sister’s clothes with her (it was my sister’s Winnie the Pooh pj’s, just the top though not the pants). It dropped on the floor right in front of me as I stood in the hallway with my hands on my hips and frown on my face, saying, “Cinnamon what are you doing in there you silly nut?”

Then, she quickly ran past me and into her bed. When I told my sister about it, who had still been downstairs, she said, “Cinnamon, in my room again!?”

I could not stop laughing! Cinnamon is very silly and weird at times, but I still love her!


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