Cinnamon vs. The Mandrakes

Tonight while my mom, sister, and I were watching Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets, right when we were at the part where Harry, Ron, and Hermoine were all learning how to plant mandrakes in Herbology, the second the mandrakes all started screaming their annoying screeching heads off, Cinnamon came out of nowhere and rushed in to see what was happening.

She ran straight in front of us… stopped… and started turning her head around, like what was that!


Then, I paused the movie and the second I did that, she stopped, popped her head around at me and I said, “Cinnamon what was that baby? what was that?”

Then, I turned the TV back on and the screeching loud mandrakes were crying their eyeballs out again! Cinnamon started freaking out again, this time she looked towards the stairs and tilted her head back and forth from side to side with her ears standing up like huh, huh, huh?


Cinnamon would not move from that spot, she was like a deer in headlights. My mom even tried to get her to come sit with her on her lap, but she wouldn’t do it! She just kept standing there.

Wow that was so funny! I could not stop laughing! Cinnamon’s never done that before! Usually even when there’s a dog barking like crazy on the TV she doesn’t freak out at all, but with the mandrakes oh boy did she hate those! I don’t blame her, I would’ve done that too! With that scream of theirs, it could take down a whole city with its deadly cry! haha