Cinnamon: Don’t go on Vacation without me!

Hey guys! Its been awhile, just wanted to say that I took a break because last week I took a trip to see my family in Ohio. It was amazing I hadn’t seen them all in such a long time, so any time with them is a blessing! Except, right when we decided to go there, there was a huge storm. Nice huh? It wasn’t too bad though! Anyways, I am back now and ready to keep telling some good stories about Cinnamon again!

It was funny because the night right before we went on vacation all of our luggage was sitting right in front of our TV. We were all running around getting ready, packing all of our clothes trying not to forget anything.

Later, when we were almost done with all the packing, all of a sudden Cinnamon ends up laying by the luggage all sad and depressed.


Poor baby! She’s like don’t go on vacation without me! She knew we were going somewhere. Geez, when I saw her doing that I said, “haha, too bad we can’t pack her in our suitcase and take her with us!”

Then, my sister said, “She wouldn’t like that at all!”

So, true but that would’ve been funny no doubt! Funny thing is, after saying that earlier, while we were at the airport I literally saw two people taking their mini dogs on the trip with them. Sheesh! I didn’t know you could do that, or else I would’ve actually taken Cinnamon with us!

Later, when we came back. We went back to the Heavenly Pet Resort (yes, thats where we dropped her off earlier). The name of that place is hilarious, but its true when we went there to pick her up right after we got off the plane coming home a week later, that place really was a heavenly stay for dogs! I looked at the back area and it looked like paradise back there, like Hawaii! She must’ve had some vacation there without us!

When the lady finally brought out Cinnamon, she popped out around the corner of the doorway, and she was so pretty! They gave her a bath. She ended up with these cute pink and white ribbons in her hair and a cute pink bandana around her neck to match with strawberry shortcake on it. When my sister and I saw her we were like “Awww!!”

The second Cinnamon saw us she was bouncing off the wall, running around the room like a crazy energizer bunny. She kept running around and around in circles, my sister and I couldn’t even catch her. She was like you’re back, you’re back, you’re back, you’re back!

haha we couldn’t stop laughing. Jeez, Cinnamon usually goes crazy when she sees us, but this time she took it to the next level. She was like what you guys are here? She was going so crazy that while my mom tried to pay the bill for Cinnamon’s stay at that Pet Resort we tried to catch her, so she’d stop running and we could go home, but she would not stop. Aw, baby she missed us! I hadn’t realized how much I had missed her too til I  saw her again.

I finally caught her by the way, but she still kept trying to squirm out of my arms while I held her. Silly nut!

When we got back in the car with her, a lot of our luggage was sitting in between my sister and I in the back seat, but we decided to have Cinnamon sit with us back there. Yeah, that didn’t work very well! Cinnamon started off on my sister’s lap, then all of a sudden she walked over the luggage in between us, and jumped on my lap. Actually it was more like my stomach. Ow! That hurt pretty bad, then she started staring out my window. haha then she started staring at my mom. Then, I started giving her some head rubs and  boy did she love that!

Two seconds later, Cinnamon jumped back over to my sister’s lap and stayed there for awhile. Then, she wanted to come back to my side and i said, whoa, Cinnamon no way!  Stay over there with Emily!”

She gave me this look like but Paula I wanna go over there with you! Then, she still bounced back right into my ribs. Jeez, she is so funny! Boy was she excited to see us! She didn’t even know what to do with herself!

When we finally got her home, Cinnamon was so happy she started running around the house following my mom around to the kitchen the bathroom, downstairs, then upstairs.

Then when she was done with that, I found her all curled up in a ball on the couch again like normal.


Home sweet home! Cinnamon is back! I was so happy! I think she missed it at our house too, so much so that, ever since then she’s been coming up on the couch more often getting super close to me.

It’s funny cus in Ohio, my aunt and grandma have a huge fluffy golden retriever named Paco and a crazy striped cat named Ollie who always gets in trouble. I got to see them at least once every day, and they reminded me of Cinnamon.  Good times!

I’m glad I went to Ohio, but I’m even happier now that I’m back cus now I get to hang out with Cinnamon again. I missed her like crazy! She’s my best friend, my buddy, my pal!

hope you all have a great weekend I know Cinnamon and I will! We have already been cuddling together all day on the couch! Good times huh! I can’t wait to see what other crazy thing she does next!


6 thoughts on “Cinnamon: Don’t go on Vacation without me!

  1. Thanks for reading my blog! Your dog sounds just like Cinnamon! haha Its good that you have some good friends to help you watch your dog Violet while you’re away! Thats always helpful! Nice to meet you and have a great week!

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  2. I love her name, Cinnamon – very cute! Our dog, Violet, hates the suitcases coming out but it can mean too equally bad things in her mind – 1) we are going away and 2) we could be taking her with us! Violet hates being without us but hates travelling even more. Thankfully we have some good friends who will stay with her when we go away, which isn’t often. This is a very cute story and I look forward to reading more Cinnamon stories!

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