Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday-7/20/16

It’s time for another round of Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday! Hope you enjoy! These pics are great!

Which one do you like most? Which one do you find the funniest or the cutest?








Did you guys like that? Cinnamon’s pretty silly huh? Especially in this last one. She looks so funny sitting there all smooshed in between my pillow and my new book. haha Cinnamon sure likes to cuddle with anything these days! I mean anything!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for next week’s Fun Photo Wednesday! Can’t wait to take more pics of Cinnamon to share with all of you! Have a great week from me and Cinnamon!


4 thoughts on “Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday-7/20/16

  1. I like that one too! haha Also, its cool that you had a cocker-poo too, I don’t know many people who have them as dogs. Chester sounds like he was a great dog! You’re right, Cinnamon is very spoiled! Thanks for visiting my blog! 😀


  2. The 6th one resting her face on the ball. Caption should read “Oh I’m so bored!” We used to have a cocker-poo, Chester who was spoiled like Cinnamon! We had Chester for 13 years. He was part angel, part devil and part clown 🙂

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