Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday-7/27/16

Hi everyone! Its time for another Fun Photo Wednesday! Here are all the pics of Cinnamon I took this week! Enjoy! Remember pick which one you like the most and let me know in the comments below:

I woke up one morning and found Cinnamon like this, staring up at me while on the stairs!


Time for some rest under the table!


Aww, this is just too cute!!


One night, Cinnamon snuck onto my sister’s bed (My sister hates when she does that!)


Then, she snuck onto my bed and cuddled with my shirt…Nice!


What is she staring at?


Cinnamon did this when we got our carpet cleaned haha…


That’s it for today! Cinnamon sure is silly!

Hope you have a great week from me and Cinnamon!

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