Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday- 8/3/16

Hey guys! It’s the start of August already! That sure came up fast! It is also time for another Fun Photo Wednesday! Here’s some more silly pics I took of Cinnamon!

Enjoy! Which do you find the funniest this time? Let me know.

My sis giving Cinnamon some cuddles while she was sleeping on top of a Klenex Box! Boy did she love that!


Then, she popped her head up & stared up at her when my sis stopped! haha


Uh, where’d Cinnamon go?


Aww, she’s so cute!!! Makes you wanna jump on the couch and cuddle with her huh? Just don’t wake her up or she’ll be very cranky!


Yesterday, Cinnamon slept like this in the middle of the living room pointing her stubby nose right at my new bag. lol Silly nut!


Then, she got up and stretched her long legs one way…


Then, she stretched the other way like a cat.


Then, she got bored and left! Goodbye Cinnamon!

Have fun sleeping by the door now! haha


This is Cinnamon on the couch waiting for my sis to come home! So sad and depressed! Poor baby!


Uh, Cinnamon no matter how much you stare at me like that I am not giving you a piece of my toast! haha


That’s it for now! Can’t wait to take some more pics of Cinnamon! Its so fun! She is one silly dog! Hope you enjoyed these pics as much as I do!

Have a great week from me and Cinnamon!