Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday-9/14/16

Hey guys! It’s time for another round of Fun Photo Wednesday. Hope everyone is having an awesome week! Cinnamon and I have been enjoying the cooler weather here in Southern California lately. It already feels like Autumn around here.

Anyways, here’s a bunch of cute pics I took of Cinnamon this week, including some pics I took when Cinnamon, my sis, and I all took a fun car ride to visit my Aunt. Cinnamon was so excited, she was bouncing up and down waiting to go! She adores car rides with me and my  sis! lol

Hope you enjoy! Let me know which ones you like best! Which one do you find to be the funniest?


Cinnamon is so cute! Cuddling right next to my sister’s homework assignments that she has to grade for students! She’s like hey, Em I’m gonna help you grade!


First Cinnamon cuddled like this on the couch.


Then, she ended up like this! Aww, so cute!


Time for a Car ride!


Um, I guess Cinnamon wants to drive!


Cinnamon loves staring out the window, with the wind in her hair!


Yay! We finally made it to my Aunt’s House! She’s like sniff, sniff, sniff


Cinnamon was like hey let me in, let me in! lol She knew that we were at my aunt’s house and wanted to go in so badly she shoved her nose to the door waiting for it to open!


This is a selfie of all of us at my Aunt’s House! We had so much fun with all their dogs! Cupid is with my cousin on the left, Noella is with my aunt in the middle, and my sis is in blue with Cinnamon. Finally, at the very bottom right is Snowball (who I nick-named Snow) and me.


Uh, Cinnamon ya wanna help me with my homework? lol



So cute!!


Doritos anyone? Maybe if she stares at the bag long enough my sis will drop some on the floor! lol

Ok guys! That’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed all the pics! I love taking pics of her, its fun and she cracks me up! She is pretty funny huh?

Hope you all have a great week from me and Cinnamon!