Cinnamon vs. Angelina Meow

This morning I woke up, yawned a few times, and didn’t want to get out of bed. I listened to my radio and almost fell back asleep. It was so nice to sit there and close my eyes a bit longer.  A few minutes later I finally got up, walked downstairs, and there was Cinnamon sitting right next to my mom! img_20170109_091516She was so cute and wet! hehe She must’ve came back from a walk and it was raining outside!

My mom told me this funny story about Cinnamon and this close encounter she had with a cute tiny black and white cat named Angelina Meow.

She said that it all started after their walk together with Cinnamon, Barbara, and her three dogs this morning. They were having fun walking together, they’re all Bffs. My mom and Barbara like to hang out with each other, too. Every morning they always end up going to Barbara’s house after the walk to get some good doggy treats, which Cinnamon adores!

Every time Cinnamon goes there, she looks straight at this cat named Angelina Meow like she’s gonna attack it or something haha. She’s like what’s this cat doin in here? Barbara actually has three dogs and 5 cats. Cinnamon hates cats!

This time though, my mom said that Cinnamon inched close to that cat and tried going sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. She was sniffing it’s butt! Ew! Anyways, the second she did that my mom was thinking, “Oh boy it’s too late! Cinnamon’s a goner for sure!”

My mom was right, the second Cinnamon did that to Angelina Meow, it was all over! That cat swiped its tiny sharp claws at her and right before it had a chance to hit Cinnamon, my mom grabbed Cinnamon in her arms and got out of there fast! Sheesh, Cinnamon sure got lucky that time right? I wonder if she’ll ever try doing that again! Yikes! I sure hope not!