Cinnamon’s Fun Photo Wednesday- 6/28/17

Hey everybody! Hope you are all having a fantastic week! Its time for another round of Fun Photo Wednesday. Sorry its been awhile since I’ve done this, but it is summer and I got some really cute pics of Cinnamon so I couldn’t resist!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know.



 I put my jacket there yesterday and then put my sister’s tiger next to her and she started cuddling with it lol She’s like dude Paula I like your jacket!


a few days ago i caught her looking like this. She was all smooshed to the couch sleeping on top of my sister’s butterfly pillow like a person staring at me like hey don’t take a picture of me right now! It was so cute I couldn’t resist! haha


wow, she must really want to cuddle with my soft and cozy quilt! She’s all up in a tiny ball how cute!


Then, she popped her head up and looked straight up at me like huh, and stared at me with this funny look on her face! haha priceless


This I got a few days ago with me and Cinnamon! She was sitting there shoving her face into my butterfly pillow, so I came in with my cereal and covers and sat down next to her. Usually when I do that, she moves away, but this time she stayed! So cute! Its funny you can barely see her face.


This I had to share cus she is so cute!! I love when she cuddles with my stuffed animals. I just go this Eeyore stuffed animal too and then I find her cuddling with it! Aww she must really like Eeyore and Piglet too like me!

Thats it for today guys! Cinnamon’s awesome huh? lol Cinnamon’s been cuddling a lot on the couch this summer! She loves it! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these today!

Goodbye for now from me and Cinnamon!