Cinnamon vs. the Calico Cat

Hey everybody! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I wanted to share a good story with you about Cinnamon! Enjoy!

20180218_092509My mom was walking with Cinnamon this morning like always with her best friend Barbara and all three of her dogs and ended the walk down the street at Barbara’s house. Cinnamon was having the time of her life. She loves going on walks with my mom, but what she loves most is going on walks with Barbara and her dogs. They’re all good friends!

This time things went wrong, way wrong.

All of a sudden, there was a tiny calico cat standing by one of the houses nearby glaring down at all the dogs. Cinnamon and Rose, one of Barbara’s dogs, saw that cat instantly and it was arching it’s back towards them. The second Cinnamon saw that calico cat it was all over. Cinnamon slipped out of the blue leash she was in and took off running at top speed like a cheetah after that cat. She was gone.

So of course my mom was freaking out wondering what to do next since Cinnamon didn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon. She really thought she’d never see her again, so she pulled her hands up and yelled out, “Cinnamon!” as loud as she possibly could. Then she called out to her again and again clapping her hands trying to get Cinnamon to come back.

Next, Barbara came over to her to help calling out Cinnamon’s name, too. She looked around and still no Cinnamon.


After all of that pain and agony, Cinnamon came running back to my mom. She stopped chasing after that cat and came back right in front of my mom and sat down. S my mom said, glaring down at her, “No Cinnamon! No! Don’t ever do that again!”

My mom said that Barbara said that Rose was proud of Cinnamon for chasing after that cat after it was all over. Haha when I heard that I could not stop laughing!

Who knew right? I didn’t think that was gonna happen but it did. I guess I should’ve known that cus Cinnamon loves hanging out with my mom and Barbara she would’ve never ran away for good! I guess that calico cat got lucky this time.

When I heard this story I couldn’t believe it! I was so glad that my Cinnamon baby came back home or else she would’ve kept running after that silly cat. My mom on the other hand, not so much. She was very upset with Cinnamon. Oh boy! Cinnamon sure was sad for awhile after that sitting on the couch. I don’t think she’ll ever do that again!