Cinnamon’s Fun Grad Party

Last Saturday, my sister graduated from Claremont University so we had a party at my house! It was fun I’m not gonna lie, especially since, one by one, every time someone came through the door from my family, Cinnamon was bouncing off the walls! She’s like yay, everybodys here, everybodys here!

IMG_20160430_130448-1My Aunt Laura, my Aunt Renee, my Grandma and a few of my cousins stopped by. Cinnamon is always so so happy to see them! She adores them all, even my cousins Zach and David. Thank God or else there’d be a problem! When Cinnamon barks at guys it gets pretty bad. Her bark is so screeching loud it hurts my ears.

One time, when we first got Cinnamon, I remember my sister brought over her new boyfriend and I thought he was great, really nice and sweet to Emily. It was bad though the second that Cinnamon saw that guy she barked at him like crazy we were all trying to talk and she was still lunging at him with all her might, so we had to pick her up. Silly nut! When he went to the bathroom, my sister and I were like what do we do? Then, when he came back out Cinnamon was right there staring him down barking at him running around the house freaking out. It took lots of convincing to Cinnamon that he was a good guy. Sheesh. I don’t think she liked him very much! Funny thing is, that relationship didn’t last very long, maybe Cinnamon knew that he wasn’t such a good guy after all!

Oh well, anyways, Cinnamon doesn’t do that with my cousins Zach and David. In fact, she always ends up going up to them, cuddling up next to them on the couch as they sit there rubbing her belly. Haha They both have dogs too so maybe she can tell. Its so sweet! Aw

So, that’s what she did with my cousin Zach. Now he hadn’t been at my house for a really long time, so when he popped through the door, towering above us all since he was more than 6 feet tall. Jeez both of them (David & Zach) are that way now, I’m so short compared to them. Hehe Cinnamon was right there smelling and dooting Zach’s shoes.

Every time I saw Zach sitting on the couch there was Cinnamon cuddling up right next to him as he gave her cuddles. She’s like oh yeah, that hits the spot! There was one point where my sister was opening presents and the whole time that was happening Cinnamon was  laying right smack dab in the middle of Zach and Heather (my other cousin). Cinnamon was all upside down and everything! Sheesh

Later when we all sitting down for lunch in the kitchen I was sitting next to Zach and we were all talking eating some good food and having a good time. Then, my mom brought out some mac and cheese that she bought from the store (which makes my mouth water!) and handed it to Zach. Cinnamon came out of nowhere, sat right next to Zach, and waited there. He saw her and was like Hey Cinnamon! She was just sitting there staring up at him.

I started laughing then I said jokingly, as he sat there with his mac and cheese, as he started petting Cinnamon on the head, “Cinnamon’s gonna be your best friend!”

He said, “Why?”

“Cus she loves cheese and you have that mac and cheese right there!” I said.

He started cracking up too. Haha He’s like, “Are you serious? What is with dog’s and cheese anyways? My dog Cupid does that too he just sits there all googly eyed waiting for him to give him some cheese every time I pull out some string cheese.”

It’s so true! While we were talking Cinnamon wanted that mac and cheese so much she did not budge from that spot. Zach didn’t give her anything though. He just kept rubbing her back and Cinnamon by now was sitting right underneath Zach’s legs! I don’t even know how she got in there, but he was still giving her rubs. She sure loved that. She’s like maybe if I butter him up he’ll give me some of his mac and cheese! Didn’t work this time! Zach is good!

Cinnamon was so depressed that he didn’t give her any that she ran off and slumped over by the window watching outside. I guess she didn’t like that very much!

Cinnamon also fell in love with another lady from our church, Amy, who went our grad party as well. Instantly, when she saw Cinnamon she was like, “Aww, your dog is so cute! So sweet!!”

I could tell she was a dog person and so could Cinnamon because the second she saw her, Cinnamon ran up to her, sat down, wagged her tail fast, while Amy sat there giving her head rubs.

We told Amy stories about Cinnamon barking like crazy at people while she’s at the door and she didn’t believe us haha. She was like Cinnamon is always so sweet, so cuddly, and cute. Yeah, well wait til you hear her other side! Not pretty!

Oh and Barbara was there, too! Cinnamon’s other favorite person from the block that she walks with every morning. When Cinnamon saw her she couldn’t stop herself she started running up to her and as she was sitting on the couch, she jumped right in Barbara’s lap and started licking her face. Barbara kept saying “Ya know I’ve never seen Cinnamon in her comfort zone before,. Whenever she stops by our house she’s always so polite sitting there, waiting for the next treat to come to her, but here she’s all jumping up and down the couches and running around.”

Haha Yep that’s my Cinnamon!” I said back to her, “She does that all the time.”

I couldn’t stop laughing when she said that. Its true though when we’re out meeting other people on walks Cinnamon is usually really sweet and polite, but when she’s in our own home or she sees a dog she doesn’t like or a cat coming by or a man dropping something off at our door, she goes nuts! She runs around the house playing with her dog toy too. Does that ever happen to any of you when you walk your dogs?

Finally, right after everyone left, I found Cinnamon like this half-way up the stairs with her fav Olaf squeak toy:


She’s like aww, everybody’s gone! Poor baby! She looked so sad sitting up there all alone! It’s so cute she’s like a little kid who’s all upset when a playdate is over. haha

Can’t wait for the next time they all decide to come over!

Have a great week from me and Cinnamon! Today it looks like ran and I’m gonna have take her out on a walk oh boy hope that goes well! She hasn’t been wanting to go out with me lately. haha She’s been waiting for my mom to come home. The little stinker! Does that ever happen to any of  you? Anyways, maybe she will go out with me today!