Cinnamon’s Silent Sunday- 2/2/20



Cinnamon’s 4 Year Blog Anniversary!!

Hi everyone!! Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! Since today marks the 4 year Anniversary for my blog, I’d like to share some new pics of Cinnamon! I love doing this blog! I’d like to thank all those who have been following my blog! I really appreciate it. I had no idea it had been that long since I started this. I always love taking pics of Cinnamon and sharing them with all of you! I loved writing those stories about her too in the beginning and doing the Fun Photo Wednesday.

Enjoy. Cinnamon is one silly dog!! haha



Cinnamon’s Early Christmas Present!

Hey everybody! I wanted to share this with all of you today! So, this morning I found Cinnamon like this!


She was cuddling with my mom’s dark green soft blanket on the couch and with her new Christmas dog squeaky toy that my mom got her a few days ago. Cinnamon’s so cute! She loves that toy! She plays with it all the time!

Just last night Cinnamon came over to me after I was done eating dinner, I was sitting on my chair and then all of a sudden I see Cinnamon down by my feet staring at me. I was like what is it Cinnamon? She looked so sad, so I got down and started petting her. After I was done, she still kept staring at me. I laughed and said Oh you wanna play huh? The second I said that, she started bouncing around. I picked up her new Christmas dog toy in my hands, squeaked it, and said Ready? She was off running the other way before I even had a chance to throw it haha. She waited on the other side and then I threw it across the room and she caught it in her mouth as she ran back to me and I threw it again across the other side of the room. She and I play catch like that at night and its fun!

I throw it really fast and then I chase her to get the toy back, although its funny cus she doesn’t give it back to me all the time. Sometimes she sit there with it stuck in her mouth or she’ll sit there chewing on it’s ears. She loves to rip those things apart, but I still get them back from her and we keep playing like that for a few minutes. lol I love playing with Cinnamon like that! She adores that new Christmas dog toy! I like it, too! It’s shaped as a Christmas tree.

I hope you all have a great day! I know I am! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! It came by so fast, but I don’t mind it’s my favorite time of year! Plus, it was fun getting Cinnamon a new Christmas present for her early this year! Now, she has time to play with that toy all month long!

Happy Holidays to you all from me and Cinnamon!