Cinnamon vs. the Calico Cat

Hey everybody! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! I wanted to share a good story with you about Cinnamon! Enjoy!

20180218_092509My mom was walking with Cinnamon this morning like always with her best friend Barbara and all three of her dogs and ended the walk down the street at Barbara’s house. Cinnamon was having the time of her life. She loves going on walks with my mom, but what she loves most is going on walks with Barbara and her dogs. They’re all good friends!

This time things went wrong, way wrong.

All of a sudden, there was a tiny calico cat standing by one of the houses nearby glaring down at all the dogs. Cinnamon and Rose, one of Barbara’s dogs, saw that cat instantly and it was arching it’s back towards them. The second Cinnamon saw that calico cat it was all over. Cinnamon slipped out of the blue leash she was in and took off running at top speed like a cheetah after that cat. She was gone.

So of course my mom was freaking out wondering what to do next since Cinnamon didn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon. She really thought she’d never see her again, so she pulled her hands up and yelled out, “Cinnamon!” as loud as she possibly could. Then she called out to her again and again clapping her hands trying to get Cinnamon to come back.

Next, Barbara came over to her to help calling out Cinnamon’s name, too. She looked around and still no Cinnamon.


After all of that pain and agony, Cinnamon came running back to my mom. She stopped chasing after that cat and came back right in front of my mom and sat down. S my mom said, glaring down at her, “No Cinnamon! No! Don’t ever do that again!”

My mom said that Barbara said that Rose was proud of Cinnamon for chasing after that cat after it was all over. Haha when I heard that I could not stop laughing!

Who knew right? I didn’t think that was gonna happen but it did. I guess I should’ve known that cus Cinnamon loves hanging out with my mom and Barbara she would’ve never ran away for good! I guess that calico cat got lucky this time.

When I heard this story I couldn’t believe it! I was so glad that my Cinnamon baby came back home or else she would’ve kept running after that silly cat. My mom on the other hand, not so much. She was very upset with Cinnamon. Oh boy! Cinnamon sure was sad for awhile after that sitting on the couch. I don’t think she’ll ever do that again!




Cinnamon’s Early Christmas Present!

Hey everybody! I wanted to share this with all of you today! So, this morning I found Cinnamon like this!


She was cuddling with my mom’s dark green soft blanket on the couch and with her new Christmas dog squeaky toy that my mom got her a few days ago. Cinnamon’s so cute! She loves that toy! She plays with it all the time!

Just last night Cinnamon came over to me after I was done eating dinner, I was sitting on my chair and then all of a sudden I see Cinnamon down by my feet staring at me. I was like what is it Cinnamon? She looked so sad, so I got down and started petting her. After I was done, she still kept staring at me. I laughed and said Oh you wanna play huh? The second I said that, she started bouncing around. I picked up her new Christmas dog toy in my hands, squeaked it, and said Ready? She was off running the other way before I even had a chance to throw it haha. She waited on the other side and then I threw it across the room and she caught it in her mouth as she ran back to me and I threw it again across the other side of the room. She and I play catch like that at night and its fun!

I throw it really fast and then I chase her to get the toy back, although its funny cus she doesn’t give it back to me all the time. Sometimes she sit there with it stuck in her mouth or she’ll sit there chewing on it’s ears. She loves to rip those things apart, but I still get them back from her and we keep playing like that for a few minutes. lol I love playing with Cinnamon like that! She adores that new Christmas dog toy! I like it, too! It’s shaped as a Christmas tree.

I hope you all have a great day! I know I am! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! It came by so fast, but I don’t mind it’s my favorite time of year! Plus, it was fun getting Cinnamon a new Christmas present for her early this year! Now, she has time to play with that toy all month long!

Happy Holidays to you all from me and Cinnamon!


Cinnamon & The Tiny Playful White Dogs

Tonight, my sister, Cinnamon, and I went on a walk before we were about to start a movie. It was downright freezing out there! It feels like I’m in Alaska, but I live in Southern California. It’s not supposed to be that cold here! Seriously, I don’t know how Cinnamon stands it. She has fur, but not that much of it!

photo-8Anyways, when we went outside, we walked a little ways and then, Cinnamon stopped suddenly and jerked us across the street and she pulled my arm off! I was like ow, thanks a lot Cinnamon! When we finally got across, Cinnamon started pulling me back the other way.

I said, “Cinnamon, we just came from that way and now you wanna go back!” She insisted on doing it though. So, she pulled us back across the street back towards our house. Oh well.

I looked back towards our house to see what Cinnamon was trying to do & then I saw an Asian couple walking by with two cute, stubby white dogs. That’s it! That’s why Cinnamon was going back the other way! She wanted to see those dogs! She practically flew across the street. She’s like let’s go, let’s go!

One of the dogs looked like a pug and the other looked more like a maltese. The lady was holding one dog with a leash and the guy was holding the other in another leash and they were both in harnesses. They almost looked like Cinnamon! They were all short, skinny, and very tiny.

We finally got to them and they said hi to us. As we said hi back, we found out that these dogs were Cinnamon’s friends! Boy was Cinnamon happy to see them! She was acting like they were all best friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

I’ve never seen her so happy before! She was running around sniffing their butts and her dog friends were doing the same to her. Then, somehow Cinnamon’s leash got stuck in between all the other ones, so we had to get them untangled. Silly nut! I was like Cinnamon how’d you even do that in the first place? When we finally got her unstuck, they all ran around in circles, playing with each other. It was so cute! I guess Cinnamon has some good friends. I didn’t even know! Funny thing is, my mom knows that Asian couple. She must see them in the morning or at night when my sister and I aren’t around.

After awhile, we wanted to keep going on our walk, so we all said goodbye to each other, but Cinnamon was giving me this look on her face as if she were saying, more, more, more! Cinnamon wanted to stay there and play some more.  She would’ve stayed there all night if she wanted to.

So, my sister and I gave in and said, “Ok, Cinnamon you can stay a little longer, but then we have to go!” She was so happy when we said that!

They were all running around in circles a bit more and then when we said, “Ok, Cinnamon time to go!”

At first, I though she’d be stubborn like usual and not come with us and pull us back and insist on staying, but—suddenly, we were off! She was going so fast I thought she’d pull my arm right off. I was like whoa, now you wanna leave? She’s so unpredictable! I never know what she’s gonna do next! Can’t wait!

Cinnamon must’ve been so happy after seeing her dog friends that she wanted to go fast. She was so energized! She was like yay, I got to see my friends, I got to see my friends! She must love those dogs so much!

Cinnamon vs the Drain Water Part 2

Cinnamon and I were out on a walk with my sister and it was raining. The walk was going pretty well, but Cinnamon wouldn’t pee anywhere! She just kept running really fast on the sidewalk, not even close to where the grass was and I was like what are you doing? She usually pees every chance she can get and the one time we wanted her to pee quickly so we could get back inside, she didn’t do it!

My sister and I were pretty pissed off that she wasn’t peeing anywhere, so I said, “Cinnamon, you are going to pee right here!” I picked her up, she was soaking wet, and I plopped her on the grass next to me, and she peed! haha I was like wow that was easy! She never does that! She always decides when and where she is going to pee, but this time she knew I meant business!

Then, we were off, Cinnamon was finally peeing on the grass a few times so we were almost home! We were gonna make it back with no more problems, but then the funniest thing happened. We turned the corner and started walking down a street, then Cinnamon started picking up speed again. I’ve never seen her go so fast, it was like she was in a race! I was wondering why the heck she was doing that cus she was pulling my arm off, but then I saw it! She was following the drain water again, but this time there was so much more water in it and it was going faster than it normally does, so she was having so much fun trying to chase it! She followed it and never stopped looking at it, she was so determined to catch the water. She’s like I can get it, I can get it, I know I can!

Then, Cinnamon stopped… She was like where’d all the water go? She was staring right into the storm drain that was below us with the saddest look on her face, watching as the water flowed into the drain and disappeared. She was so disappointed that the drain water was gone!1203141327-00 She wanted to go after it, she she pulled us towards it, and we were like no way are we doing that! She’s nuts, she would’ve fallen straight down there if she had kept going! So, we pulled her back.

She would not listen to us, she kept going towards the water in the drain. She jumped, pounced, and ran around in circles, but I would not let her go, all the while it was raining harder and she didn’t even seem to care! I was like jeez, Cinnamon it’s raining can’t we just go back inside? She was fighting me, she’s like I wanna catch the water, Paula, please, I can do it this time!

All this time it was pouring rain, Cinnamon was getting drenched, and my sister and I wanted to get back inside. So, I yelled out, “Cinnamon, let’s go! We gotta go back inside or we’ll all get soaking wet! Don’t you wanna get warm and cozy and sleep on the couch with us?” That didn’t work, she looked at me all angry and still went after the water, I can’t believe it! She’s insane!

So, my sister finally picked her up and held her in her arms til we got closer to our house and then she put her down. Cinnamon looked back towards the water and almost started going after it again! We were like no way, we’re not doing that again!

Cinnamon’s Lazy Dog Day

Today, I found Cinnamon sleeping all lazy on the couch, with her head all shoved into the covers hugging her favorite Halloween dog toy. I don’t even know how she got her body shaped like that!  She had the first half of her body twisted one way and the back half the other way. She can definitely be an acrobat if she wanted to!

She was sitting right in the middle of the couch, using our soft, red covers as a pillow and my book. She was in the ultimate cuddle spot on the couch! She did not move from that spot for hours! No matter what we did, nothing woke her up.image-15

She’s nuts! While my sister and I were trying to figure out why our Internet wasn’t working, we also found out that our TV remote wasn’t working either. All that time, Cinnamon just laid there on the couch—she didn’t move a single inch at all. We were all stressing out and she didn’t even notice!

It sucked cus my sister couldn’t do her homework online tonight and I couldn’t use my computer, so we decided to read instead.

I decided to slip in next to Cinnamon and try not to wake her up, but I accidentally nudged her a bit with my hand. She still didn’t wake up! I was like man you’re out like a light bulb. When I sat down on the couch she turned into mush! She kinda noticed I was there, but she was still half-asleep so she slowly moved her head closer and closer to my leg. It was so cute!

When I finally got comfy on the couch I wanted to read my book, The Book Thief, but it was way over by Cinnamon’s head (Of course!), so I reached over as far as I could without hitting Cinnamon on the head, and then I finally grabbed it. I was like yes I got it! Then, suddenly, I accidentally dropped my hand a bit and it shoved the covers on top her nose. I thought for sure, she’d wake up by that time since I bumped her nose, but she didn’t! She was still sound asleep!!

image-14She looked so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing! The covers were all around her nose and she still didn’t budge at all from that spot! I was like are you kidding me? If someone dropped something on my nose while I was sleeping I’d definitely wake up and freak out! I think she actually liked it though! She’s like thanks for the extra covers!

Cinnamon was so out of it that she didn’t even move when I was taking a bunch of pictures of her on my sister’s iPad, but she did get angry and woke up quickly when my sister and I started laughing loudly. She looked up at me like hey why are you doing that for I’m trying to sleep. I guess we were too loud for her huh?

I sat there petting her soft furry, ears and said, “I’m sorry Cinnamon, I’m sorry baby!” Then, she huffed and went back to sleep. She’s like you woke me up from my beauty sleep!

The rest of the time, Cinnamon was kicking me with her hind legs a few times cus she was having a dream. It must’ve been some dream, cus she was running pretty fast. You think that wasn’t bad enough, then she started shoving her hands into my legs every two seconds. I was like ow, that hurts do you mind? She has some pretty sharp claws ok. That was horrible! It was funny though, I have to admit! She was sound asleep and she was stretching out her paws into my legs.

I was trying to read, too! She made me lose my concentration. I think I read the same sentence over and over again cus she kept doing those things to me. I was like am I ever gonna read the rest of this, probably not! Jeez! Well, I did get to read a few pages of my book.image-9

I guess Cinnamon was having a lazy dog day today! She sure does sleep a lot during the day, but not like this! I’ve never seen her so out of it before. The only thing that woke her up was cus she wanted to go outside to pee, but the rest of the time she was out cold!

Cinnamon Don’t Even Think of Eating Mom’s Pumpkin Pie!

I was sitting on the couch watching TV and then my mom came into the living room with a pretty big slice of pumpkin pie in her hands. It looked so good! Cinnamon already knew that, she was glued to my mom’s hip trying to get a piece. She’s like just drop some down here into my mouth! My mom didn’t even notice!

Cinnamon was determined to get that pie, so she quickly jumped up and sat in my mom’s chair. Only thing is, my mom was trying to sit down at the same time, so they bumped into each other! My mom was like hey what are you doing in my spot? Cinnamon didn’t care though cus she snagged a good seat with my mom! She loves cuddling with my mom and getting head rubs any chance that she can get.

When my mom finally got to sit down she barely had any space on the chair cus Cinnamon was sitting there too, rather closely I might add, staring at the pie. She was happily waiting for my mom to give her head rubs, and maybe a piece of the pie. She’s like mom I’m being good can you give me some now?image-8

While Cinnamon did all of that, my mom just sat there watching TV slowly eating her pie. My mom was so mesmerized by the TV, that she didn’t even notice that Cinnamon was going after her pumpkin pie. She was getting closer and closer to the tiny plate my mom had in her hands. She was probably imagining herself eating some of it and having lots of whipped cream on top. Cinnamon still couldn’t get to it though! She kept nudging my mom’s elbow to get some, but that didn’t work either!

I said, “Cinnamon don’t even think about eating mom’s pumpkin pie! Mom made it, let her enjoy it you crazy dog!”

Cinnamon looked up at me with this sad, depressing look on her face and then she put her head down next to my mom’s lap. She’s like aww man, I really wanted some pie!

I guess Cinnamon loves pumpkin pie! I didn’t even know that.Funny thing is, I love pumpkin pie, too!

Cinnamon would probably do anything to get a slice! The other day my sister and I made some pumpkin cupcakes for Thanksgiving (which came out pretty good by the way!) and she was begging me for some of those, too. She sat right by my feet when I was eating them in the kitchen and wouldn’t leave til I was done, even though I said No to her 50 times. When that didn’t work, she sat by my sister’s feet and my sister said, oh no Cinnamon you’re not getting any of mine either.

No wonder Cinnamon hardly ever eats her food, she’s always trying to eat people food, which she thinks is ten times better! If she had some pumpkin in her food she’d eat her food all the time!

Cinnamon vs. The Rain

I was trying to put my boots on to take Cinnamon out on a walk quickly because it seriously looked like it was gonna start pouring rain any second. I was right! The second I put my boots on and started putting Cinnamon’s leash on it started raining. Funny thing is, it hasn’t rained hard in a long time and it didn’t seem like it was gonna stop anytime soon.

The rain wasn’t so bad so I decided to take Cinnamon out on a walk with my sister’s purple umbrella. I’m glad I had that, I left my tiny blue one in my car and I didn’t wanna get wet!

Finally, Cinnamon and I went out on our walk. I was just gonna take Cinnamon down our street and then go back inside so she didn’t get so wet, but Cinnamon had other plans! In fact, we barely got around the corner and then she plopped her butt down on the ground. I was like Cinnamon you butt, you’re gonna do this now? It was pouring rain outside and she didn’t budge from that spot. She didn’t wanna go on the walk with me! I tried everything. I pulled her in at least 3 different directions and she still didn’t come with me. Jeez! By then, Cinnamon only wanted to go one way: back the other way towards our house!  haha She’s like ahh I’m getting wet, I’m getting wet!!

Cinnamon went outside with me for 2 seconds, took one look at the rain and high-tailed it back into the house. haha She did not wanna stay out there for another second! It was so funny I’ve never seen her run back inside so fast before. I guess she really doesn’t like the rain anymore, which is weird because usually when it rains she’s fine. She’ll walk with me or my mom outside, even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. She’ll prance around sniffing the grass, taking her good sweet time, like she likes it, while I just try to go fast and get back inside. This time she had other ideas!

When we got to our front porch we were both finally out of the rain. Cinnamon was so relieved! She’s like yes, I made it, let’s get inside quick it’s way too cold out here! So, I opened the door, she ran in, and suddenly she started shaking the water off her body. I was like hey you’re getting me all wet!

After that, Cinnamon ran onto the couch as fast as she could and curled up into a ball. My sister noticed she was wet so she put a towel over her body and said, “There you go! Now you can get warm!”

1130141323-01Cinnamon looked so cute and funny under that towel!! It looked like Cinnamon was hiding for dear life under that thing! She had this funny look on her face like no way am I going back out there again!  Then, two seconds later it started to down-pour! The rain got harder and harder and as that happened Cinnamon popped her head up and was like what the heck? It freaked her out! haha1130141323-02

I guess Cinnamon and I got lucky! If Cinnamon and I had gone on that walk together we’d be drenched by now! It’s still raining now and it’s gonna rain on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, too. I wonder what she’ll do then or what she’ll do if it starts thunder-storming? That will be funny to watch! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Cinnamon vs. the Mirror

Today, my sister and I were getting ready to take Cinnamon out on a walk. I just came out of the bathroom downstairs and Cinnamon followed me over. She was waiting for me by the bathroom so we could play together before we went outside. She wanted to play with her squeaky toy, so picked I it up, tossed it pretty far across the room, and she chased after it. When she was done, she came running over to me again with her dog toy and she wanted me to throw it again. She’s like more, more, more!!

Cinnamon ran over and suddenly she stopped… She saw something next to her in the corner of her eye. She didn’t know what it was, but it looked a lot like her in the background so she started inching closer to it. Out of nowhere, she started wagging her stubby little tail so fast! I was like what are you doing? She thought she saw another dog looking straight at her! She’s like cool you look just like me!

Funny thing is, Cinnamon wasn’t really looking at another dog, she was staring into my sister’s mirror. It was long and narrow, so she thought it was a real dog in there! haha I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could my sister. It was hilarious watching her get so excited to see herself in the mirror.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We joked around with her and said, “Who is that Cinnamon? Is that your new doggy friend?”

When we said that, she wagged her tail even more and started running around in a circle. Then, she moved closer to the mirror, sat down right in front of it, and stayed there staring into it. When my sister moved the mirror back into her room, Cinnamon was so sad. She’s like where’d my friend go?

It’s funny because this is not the first time Cinnamon has done this. She’s done it a few times. It’s funny that she hasn’t figured it out yet!

One time, when we first got Cinnamon, I was taking a shower upstairs and she had been laying right at the top of the stairs waiting for me to finish. When I was done, I got out and suddenly Cinnamon starts barking with the deepest barks I’ve ever heard from her. That scared the crap out of me and I was like what are you doing? Why are you barking at me? Then, I noticed that she had been staring at herself in the mirror, so when I came out she was freaking out because she saw my reflection in the mirror and didn’t know who I was. She’s like ahh, get away from me, get away! Then, I went closer to her, sat down, and she realized it was just me! haha Silly dog!

Other times, she has looked at herself  in the mirror through our kitchen oven, one of our cabinets in the living room, and she used to stare at our huge mirror in the downstairs bathroom, too. With that one, she would sit there for hours, staring at herself in the mirror. We kept trying to get her to cuddle with us, but it didn’t work. She has even barked at herself a few times because she thought she saw another dog in that mirror. Good times! I thought she had grown out of that because she hasn’t been doing it lately, but I guess I was wrong. haha

Cinnamon probably hasn’t been staring at that mirror in our downstairs bathroom because we got our water heater fixed, so they had to take out that mirror, which has been in there for centuries. Now, it’s just a blank, white wall, so no wonder Cinnamon hasn’t gone in there lately to stare at herself in the mirror!

I still wonder why she likes doing that so much! I can’t believe she doesn’t know that it isn’t a real dog in that mirror, but oh well!