Cinnamon & The 3 Look-a-Like Dogs

My family and I were getting ready to go to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, so Cinnamon was sad. She thought we weren’t gonna take her! She’s like you’re gonna leave me here all alone! She can always tell when we’re not gonna take her on a car ride. She was sad that she was sitting on the couch like this on top of my computer:

She was staring at us with this depressing look on her face. It’s funny though because when we were all finally ready to go, my mom grabbed the leash and said, “Cinnamon ready? Let’s go!”

Two seconds, later Cinnamon was up and ready to go! She was wagging her stubby tail. She’s like wahoo I get to go! Cinnamon loves going to my aunt’s house because she has these 3 cute little dogs there that she loves to play with! It’s funny they’re all similar types of dogs. When they get together they’re like a family too—a family of mini-white/brown dogs. haha

There’s Cupid, Snowball, and Noella (who was born on Christmas). They are the cutest dogs!

Snowball is a little white ball of fluff. He’s so cute he always cuddles with me when I see him, but don’t let his size fool you! He can get a little mean sometimes! Snowball always gets jealous of Cupid. He always growls at him whenever he gets the chance, especially when Cinnamon and Cupid are hanging out together.

Cupid is the oldest of the three and very sweet. He’s white, brown & a little taller than Cinnamon and the other 2 dogs. He’s the calmest of the bunch.

Noella is white and is the youngest. She looks a lot like Snowball, too, so I’m always getting them mixed up. Noella is very cute, but she loves getting herself into trouble! She eats anything she can get her hands on and always ends up on a table somehow eating food from the table! She and Cinnamon are pals. They love chasing each other around!

So anyways, some of my family and I decided to take Cinnamon & the rest of the dogs out on a walk after dinner, ya know to burn off some calories after our Thanksgiving dinner! So, we were off! Cinnamon was in the lead, followed by Cupid, then Snowball and Noella were attached to the same leash (I have no idea why!). It was funny watching those two dogs trying to walk next to each other. They were walking so fast, they almost tripped me from behind while I was walking! I was like hey watch where you’re going!

Those dogs almost tripped me so many times. I couldn’t see a thing cus it was so dark. It’s funny because my cousin was walking and then all of a sudden Noella and Snowball come running up behind him. Then, they wrapped themselves around his legs, so he was stuck. haha While that was happening Cinnamon was walking up ahead. She’s like hey let’s keep going!

Cinnamon loves being the leader of the pack. Every time she slowed down to go to the bathroom next to a tree, Cinnamon ran right back to the front. She’s like ok guys don’t leave til I get there!

While we were making our way down the street, I thought this is a nice walk with my family, but that didn’t last long! Cinnamon started going nuts! I look around and thought what is she barking at now? Then, I saw it! It was a huge golden retriever. I’ve never seen one so big before! The instant that gigantic dog heard Cinnamon, it stopped in it’s tracks and didn’t move! It gave this look to Cinnamon like don’t bark at me you crazy dog or this means war! Cinnamon wasn’t gonna let down either! She’s like get away you huge dog! She was so angry she kept pulling my sister’s arm off just to reach it. Ow!

So, I picked Cinnamon up quickly and the second I did that she was so calm! Works every time! Thank God she stopped because that gigantic golden retriever was about to attack and I don’t think Cinnamon would’ve won that one. After a little while she calmed down so we started walking again, but before I put her on the floor, Cinnamon gave out the smallest growl. I was like Cinnamon No! Silly dog, she was playing with fire!

My family was so surprised that Cinnamon barked like that! They are all so used to seeing her so calm and sweet while we’re inside, but they’ve never seen her outside on a walk! haha I thought Cinnamon would be good on that walk because she was walking around with her little dog friends, but I guess I was wrong! I can’t have one moment’s peace, even on Thanksgiving! Oh well!

While all of this was happening, none of the other 3 dogs were barking loud like Cinnamon. I was like oh great it’s just my dog going crazy! Of course! They were minding their own business, peeing and sniffing other stuff. They didn’t care, they were like let’s keep going on our walk while Cinnamon wanted to start a fight!

Happy Thanksgiving from me and Cinnamon!!!

Cinnamon vs. The Ambulances

Last night, right when I was about to fall asleep, a bunch of ambulances went by my house. It was so loud it scared the crap out of me! I was like seriously? Do you have to go by right now? It was getting pretty late and I was wide awake.

The sirens kept getting louder and louder as I lay in bed wondering when I could go back to sleep again, then suddenly in the background I hear this weird howling noise— aroo, aroo, aroo. I had no idea what it was at first, it almost sounded like a real siren or a coyote, but it was definitely a dog!

So, I got out of bed turned on the lights, looked down and found Cinnamon wide awake, lying in her dog bed, facing the wall. Then, I said, “Cinnamon, was that you?”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I think it was Cinnamon, but it didnt even sound like her, cus she never howls! She’s a growler for sure and a barker, but howling no way! Plus, she was just laying there in her dog bed, completely still, she wasn’t running around like crazy like she normally does. I was like yeah Cinnamon that’s really gonna scare that ambulance away!

It was even funnier cus she didn’t stop making that strange howling noise till the sirens stopped and let me tell ya, that didn’t happen for awhile.

Plus, to top it all off I had a bad headache. Cinnamon didn’t care, the second those sirens stopped, she went back to sleep and started snoring. Silly nut! I hope she doesn’t start doing that every night, cus lately there have been so many ambulances going by.


Cinnamon vs. the New Dog Jacket

A few days ago, I found a brown soft jacket sitting on my couch. At first, I thought it was a jacket for a little girl or something cus it was small, but it wasn’t. It was a dog jacket! Later, I found out that my mom got it from one of her friends and she said we could have Cinnamon wear it. Awesome!

Cinnamon didn’t seem to like it very much though. She kept eyeballing it every chance she got, from far away, trying to figure out what it was in the first place. She’s like what the heck is that?

With that look on her face I didn’t think she wanted to wear it, but I tried to put it on her anyways. Cinnamon freaked out when I put it towards her. haha She’s like no way are you putting that thing on me!

Cinnamon was on the couch, so I inched close to her & tried to put it on, but it didn’t work. She was laying down in a corner, so it was extremely hard just to put it on and button her up. I was like Cinnamon just let me get this thing on you ok you will look so cute with it on? She’s like no way!

That jacket was complicated, too! There were way too many buttons on it. I think at first I put it on backwards, but I finally got the dumb thing on her. It wasn’t easy let me tell ya! Jeez!

I have to say, once it was on her, Cinnamon looked so cute!! She looked like a little snow bunny! I’m glad we put it on her!

image-7The second I put it on, she started cuddling with it! She’s like man this is super soft it can be my pillow and my blanket all at the same time! It’s been so cold lately, it’s no wonder Cinnamon thought it was fun sleeping with it. Plus, she practically uses everything as a pillow these days!

Then, she started going crazy! She jumped off the couch and ran around the floor trying to get it off. She’s like hey get this thing off me, get it off now, it’s too tight and way too hot! She was trying to get it off with anything she could— her paws, claws, and even her mouth but she couldn’t get the darn thing off! So, she tried shaking it away and she even tried rubbing it against the couch!

It was so funny watching her do that on the floor! Cinnamon even ran up to my mom with this sad look on her face like mommy can you take this off of me please? Poor baby! I guess she really didn’t wanna wear it anymore!

After awhile, she started getting so used to the jacket that she didn’t mind wearing it. In fact, she felt so good that she started parading around the house with it! She likes it! Well, for now anyways! I bet she’ll keep changing her mind about it. Cinnamon can be very stubborn sometimes, but she comes around in the end! Can’t wait to see if she’ll bite away at it when I try to put it on her tonight while she goes to sleep, or if she’ll cuddle with it.

I guess she’ll attack anything these days, even clothes, who knew right?

Cinnamon does this all the time! Whenever we put something on her head or her body, like a halloween costume, a hat, some hair ribbons for her ears, or a bandana, it doesn’t work! She flips out! The instant we put it on her, she tries everything to get it off. I guess Cinnamon just isn’t into wearing accessories!

Cinnamon This Isn’t Your Food, Go Eat Your Own!

Cinnamon missed my sister all day. She was so sad cus my sister had gone off to hang out with her friends. So, when my sister finally got home, Cinnamon was so excited that she almost peed in her pants! She was running around my sister’s legs really fast. She’s like your home your home your home!! My sister justwanted to get in the door.

Then, my sister sat down on the couch with part of a roast beef sandwich in her hands. She ate half of it at a restaurant she went to earlier, so now she was eating the other half of it for dinner at 8 at night. haha

Suddenly, Cinnamon came out of nowhere and started staring at my sister. Cinnamon wanted that food so badly that she planted her butt right in front of the food, licked her chops, and gave my sister the death stare. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She’s like I am not moving from this spot til you give me a piece of that food! She was so pissed off! She’s like Emily, you haven’t been here all day and now you’re eating yummy food in front of me? No fair!

My sister didn’t notice what Cinnamon was doing til she took a great big bite out of her sandwich, then she looked down, laughed and said, “Cinnamon, this is my food, you have a huge bowl of your yummy dog food in th kitchen go eat that!”

Cinnamon wouldn’t budge. She’s like no way am I moving til Emily gives me a piece! She didn’t wanna eat her food, it was so boring, stale—definitely not as good as a roast beef sandwich! So, after a little while she inched closer and closer to get a better look. She’s like maybe if I sneak in she’ll drop some food on the floor and I can snag it.

My sister said, “Ok Cinnamon no matter how close you get to me, I’m still not giving you any of my food! Go away!” That did it. By then, Cinnamon was so sad and disappointed that so gave out a large sigh and put her head down and laid down on the carpet, dreaming of the time when she’d finally get to eat some of that nice juicy roast beef.

When my sister finally finished eating it, she picked up the trash and went into the kitchen to throw it away and there was Cinnamon tagging along next to her, thinking there was still a small tiny piece left of it, but there wasn’t. It was all gone! Oh well! Maybe, next time Cinnamon!

Cinnamon vs. A Big Fluffy Golden Doodle, A Tiny White Dog, & An Angry Cat

Cinnamon went out on a long, crazy walk with my sister and I tonight. At first, while we were walking around, there was none in sight— no dogs, no cats, no people. It was like a ghost town out there. It was kinda nice cus it was peaceful and quiet. My sister and I were having a good time, talking and Cinnamon was walking super fast again. She was a jack rabbit going at light speed. I’ve never seen her go so fast before!

The walk was almost done and I was thinking, jeez, I guess nothing bad is gonna happen tonight! I was feeling pretty good til we saw a cute guy walking with his golden doodle. It was all over! Those two dogs had a long stare down, and then out of nowhere Cinnamon started barking like crazy at that fluffy golden doodle!

I said, “Cinnamon you silly nut, that dog is so pretty I mean it almost looks like a bigger version of you!”

My sister said, “No kidding!”

I loved that dog, but Cinnamon wanted to rip it to shreds! I have no idea why she did that, but it got worse. My sister was trying hard to pick Cinnnamon up, but she was running around in circles all in a huff cus she was so pissed off at that dog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, my sister said, “I can’t get her, Paula! Pick her up! Pick her up!” By that point, Cinnamon was still barking and snarling at that golden doodle. She would not let up.

I grabbed her with one arm and I said, “I got her I got her!” I almost dropped her (whoops) as she squirmed in my arms. She was trying to lunge at the dog still. Seriously! She was driving me crazy! Finally, she calmed down and we walked past that dog as the golden doodle was off on it’s merry way with her owner.

Thank God that was over! I didn’t wanna do that again anytime soon. I can’t believe Cinnamon was attacking a dog that looked just like her. I mean, seriously it wasn’t even a ferocious looking dog in the first place! It was such a sweet dog. Cinnamon must’ve been jealous of that pretty dog! She’s like hey, get away from me and never come back again!

After awhile, we said sorry to that guy. He was ok with it and the golden doodle didn’t even make a sound. It just stood there like a deer with a cute look on it’s face like it was scared out of it’s mind. Poor dog! Cinnamon scared it stiff!

On our way back we were like man that was close! The second I was gonna put Cinnamon on the floor again, this girl pops up with another dog, but this time it was a small white poodle and she was holding it in her arms. It’s a good thing Cinnamon was in my arms cus Cinnamon instantly looked over at it and was about to pounce at that dog, too. She was gonna jump out of my arms. She’s like let me at him, Paula, let me at him! Jeez! I was thinking what else is gonna happen now?

Finally, there was a moment where I could put Cinnamon down on the floor (Thank God she was getting heavy). That was huge mistake cus then she stopped walking, and looked up towards a cat that was sitting like a statue up by one of the houses. Seriously, that cat did not move an inch, but it had it’s black beady eyes on Cinnamon and it wouldn’t stop staring. It looked mean!

Cinnamon was doing the same thing, she was just staring at it. She didn’t budge either!

I said, “Cinnamon we have to go now! That cat looks like it means business! If you fight that thing you will lose”

She didn’t listen to me, so we had to pull her leash hard and then we walked as fast as we could out of there before another fight broke out!

First there were no animals in sight and then they just all popped  out of nowhere at the same time. Jeez! My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing! We were like, ok there better not be another cat on the way back home or another dog, we just wanted to get back in peace! Cinnamon sure was ready to pick a fight tonight. She’s like bring it on!

Cinnamon vs. A Tall Guy with Glasses

My sister and I were getting ready to go to In-n-Out for dinner (Yum!). My sister was upstairs getting dressed and I was sitting on the couch putting on my boots. While we were doing that, my mom was outside walking Cinnamon. Everything was fine, til I heard this loud bark outside off in the distance.

I said, “Who the heck was that, Cinnamon?”

My sister must’ve heard it too cus she said, “It was definitely Cinnamon! I know that bark anywhere!” It’s funny cus I didn’t know if it was Cinnamon or not. The bark sounded so weird! She sounded like a giant guard dog with a deep low bark.

When my sister said that we both started laughing. It had to be Cinnamon, no one else has a bark like that on our street! Til mom came back, we were both wondering what she was barking at this time. The suspense was killing me. I needed to know!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then, right before my sister and I were gonna walk out to my car to go to In-n-Out my mom came back with Cinnamon. It was so funny cus Cinnamon came back, jumped on the couch, got really close to my face, and licked me like crazy! She slobbered all over my face. I was like thanks a lot!

After that, I looked over at my mom and asked her, “Hey, was that Cinnamon barking earlier? It was so loud, Emily and I heard it from all the way in here!”

My mom said, “Yep, that was Cinnamon alright!” She didn’t sound too happy. She said that while they were walking, Cinnamon say this tall guy with glasses and instantly started barking like crazy at him and she started running around in circles. Another dog was barking at him already, then Cinnamon started going at him, too. haha I guess they were planning to go up against this guy together. Cinnamon’s like ok I’ll get him on the left, you get him on the right.

My mom said that while the dogs were trying to attack him, the guy with glasses started laughing cus he thought it was funny that both dogs were barking at him at the same time. At least that guy had a good sense of humor, most people I know either walk off really fast or get pissed off at me for letting Cinnamon do that in the first place. Jeez! I always have to pick her up and apologize. It’s not my fault my dog is menace! My mom got lucky with this guy!

I don’t know what set Cinnamon off on this guy cus he didn’t sound too bad. Maybe it was cus he was so tall and she’s an ant compared to him. She’s probably like, hey get away from me you giant! Oh well! I guess Cinnamon only likes certain guys and everyone else is on her watch dog list.

Cinnamon vs. A Woman Getting her Mail & A Mother Pushing a Stroller

Today, Cinnamon and I went out on our afternoon walk and the weather was great! It was not too hot or too cold and there was a nice autumn breeze. So, the walk was going pretty well at first. Cinnamon kept stopping every two seconds, sticking her nose in the grass and peeing on poles as she walked by (nasty!).

We made a few short-cuts through some houses and as we made our way back, we were going past a mailbox and this car pulled up in right front of it. A woman came out and started walking to the mailbox to get some of her mail. She was standing there and as we walked by I said “Hi!” and she smiled at me. Suddenly, Cinnamon pulled my leash hard and instantly went up to her all happy and excited. She sniffed that woman’s feet once, licked her leg, and sat down in front of her wagging her tail so fast! She’s like give me cuddles give me cuddles! At that moment, I was like what are you doing? We didn’t even know who she was!


Then, the woman saw Cinnamon sitting there next to her, so she said to me, “Oh, How cute! Is your dog a boy or a girl?”

I said, “She’s a girl and her name is Cinnamon!”

She said, “Aww, she’s so adorable!” Then, while that woman was getting the rest of her mail, Cinnamon was still sitting there waiting for that woman to give her some head rubs. She’s like I’m sitting I’m sitting pet me! She was so ancy! I was like quit it Cinnamon leave her alone!

When the woman finally left, she said bye to us and finally gave Cinnamon one pat on the head and then Cinnamon was happy! She’s like yes!

That was so weird, but funny! I guess Cinnamon really likes walking up to random people and getting cuddles.

Later, while we were walking back into our house, there was this mother walking by pushing a stroller with a cute little girl who looked like she was 4 years old. Everything was fine, til we got closer to them. Then, Cinnamon yanked me forward towards the baby stroller and gave out one loud bark and ran around in circles trying to break free from the leash. She’s like let me at ’em, let me at ’em!

At that moment, I was thinking here we go again! So, I picked her up and by then the lady and her daughter stopped walking and stared at us. I think we really scared the crap out of them!

I said, “Sorry!” Then, they were off again as I was carrying Cinnamon inside.

By that moment, I couldn’t stop laughing. I know Cinnamon barks at random stuff, but a baby stroller. Jeez! That was so weird and that poor family, I hope she doesn’t bark at them like that again! It’s funny cus I’ve never seen them walking around before, but Cinnamon probably has. Who knows how many times she’s barked at them.

While we were inside and I was taking off her leash, I said, “Now Cinnamon, don’t ever do that again! Why on earth were you barking at them in the first place? That was so rude!” As I said that, she kept her head down and was sad cus I was angry at her. She’s like, but I just wanted to rip the stroller into shreds!

Man, I never know what Cinnamon is gonna do next. One second, she’s this nice dog wanting cuddles and the next second, she’s barking her head off and wanting to rip someone/something into shreds! Oh, well! That’s my protective watch dog!

Cinnamon Get off My Bed This Isn’t Yours!

Tonight, Cinnamon had been cuddling with my sister and I on the couch watching a movie. She was all stretched out on the couch laying right next to me and some soft covers as I was rubbing her head. She was in doggy heaven!

When the movie was over, I said, “”Ok, Cinnamon let’s go! Time for bed baby! Come on!” At first, she popped her head up and was like are you sure? She never believes me when I say that! She waited for me to get up off the couch first and then she jumped onto the carpet and ran upstairs. She was definitely ready for bed. haha

When I came upstairs to go to sleep, Cinnamon was already sitting in her doggy bed. It was so cute! She was all curled up in a ball. Then, she popped her head up to stare at me as I walked in. She’s like finally, let’s go to sleep, I’m tired!

I said, “Alright, Cinnamon let’s go to sleep!” So, as I was putting on my nice warm pjs I happened to look over at Cinnamon and she was looking at me. I was like ok why is she staring at me like that? I didn’t want her to look at me while I was getting undressed! Jeez! Besides, it seemed like she was up to no good with this funny look she had on her face.

Sure enough, the second I turned around and was about to turn off the lights and get in my bed, she jumped up quickly on my bed and laid right in the middle of it!1117142210-03

I turned around and said, “Hey! What are doing? Get off my bed, this isn’t yours! You have one down there on the floor! Go!”

She stared at me like, no way Jose your bed is so much more comfier than mine can I sleep with you? She did not budge from that spot! I was thinking how the heck am I supposed to go to bed now? I wanted to sleep and she was hogging the whole bed!  She stayed there for so long I almost didn’t think I was gonna be able to get her off the bed.

It was hilarious she never does that!  She always goes straight to her bed or tries to jump up on my mom’s bed and sleep with her, but my mom hates that! This time, Cinnamon was determined to sleep on my bed. She’s like screw the floor, this time I’m getting the bed!

I tried everything to get her to go back in her own bed, but nothing worked! Crazy dog! By then, I was angry so I finally picked her up in my arms and put her on the floor. I said, “Cinnamon stay! Stay!”

After I said that, she stared at me with this sad look on her face as I jumped into my bed and pulled the covers over me. She’s like but I wanna cuddle with you tonight Paula please? She wanted to go back up on the bed and dream of chasing cats or a giant piece of steak! No way was that gonna happen! Not tonight or any other night! I wonder what she’ll do tomorrow night.

Cinnamon Don’t Go in that Car it’s Not Yours!

Today, it seemed like it was gonna rain outside so I quickly took Cinnamon out on a walk before there was a downpour. We walked down two streets today, but she was going super slow. I mean, she was a turtle going around the first street. I thought we’d never get back inside!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As we were walking I said, “Cinnamon! Come on hurry up I don’t wanna stay out here that much longer ok? It’s gonna rain any second I just know it!” She didn’t though. I think at that point she just went slower. She stopped and sniffed at everything: plants, ants, four leaf clovers, you name it!

It was fine til we got around the corner cus she finally decided to pick up speed. I don’t know why she did that, but oh well! I didn’t care at that moment, I was just glad we were going faster. So, I said to her happily, “Good girl Cinnamon! Good girl baby!” She was panting happily next to me as she ran ahead of me going as fast as she could.

Then, towards the end of our walk, Cinnamon wouldn’t come back to the house with me! Crazy dog always wants to go through all of these different short cuts, but she didn’t wanna short cut back to our house. In fact, she stopped, planted her feet on the ground, and didn’t budge. She just sat there staring at me. She’s like no way am I going home now I just wanna go through one more street! Please?

I looked at her angrily and said, “Cinnamon, I’m done ok let’s go! Come on!” By then, I was trying everything i could to get her to come with me. I pulled that leash as hard as I could, but she still wouldn’t move. Then, out of nowhere she started walking with me and she started picking up speed. That’s never happened before. I was wondering why she was going so fast! She was even pulling my arm by then as we were walking through the parking lot back to our house.

I said, “Wow Cinnamon where are you going in such a hurry?”

Then, she jerked me forward and she took me towards this blue van. It was just sitting there in the parking lot and the trunk was wide open. There was no one in site, so Cinnamon jumped into the trunk and tried to run into the car, but that didn’t work, she just fell backwards!

As she tried to jump up into the trunk again, I pulled her leash back and said, “Cinnamon don’t go in there it’s not even our car! My car is up that way!”

Cinnamon looked at me angrily and she was like hey I wanna go on a car ride ok! haha

As I said that, this nice lady that Cinnamon and I know in our neighborhood came up and said hi to us. Boy was Cinnamon excited! She got so many cuddles from this lady and it was nice to see her again. At that moment, I started laughing cus, we’ve only seen that lady once while walking and Cinnamon remembered her so well! She even knew where her blue van was!

I guess Cinnamon wanted to go on a car ride with that lady cus after that lady gave Cinnamon cuddles she started jumping into the trunk of that blue van again. She couldn’t do it though! She kept falling down and I was trying hard not to laugh as I was trying to get her out of there. She didn’t move, she’s like I am getting into this van, one way or another!

The lady noticed what Cinnamon was doing. She thought it was funny so she said, “Cinnamon, you really wanna go on a car ride with me don’t you. How cute!”

By then I was laughing too cus it was hilarious watching her try to get into the trunk of a car she’s never even seen before. She tried so many times! Poor baby! It just wasn’t gonna happen. Plus, we had to leave after a certain point so I said bye to her and Cinnamon still wouldn’t go. She’s like but I wanna stay longer! She was giving me the look- the sad puppy dog eyes look.

I said, “Cinamon don’t even think of looking at me like that, you know we have to go now! Let’s go!”

So, she finally came with me, but she was very sad that we couldn’t stay. Thank God! I thought she’d never leave. I bet if she really wanted to, Cinnamon would’ve stayed there all day.

Cinnamon vs. A Fed-Ex Guy

Yesterday, we decided to keep open the huge window in our kitchen all day to let in some fresh air. It was so hot in their cus we had this dehumidifier going downstairs after they fixed our water heater. The thing is, Cinnamon turned into watch dog mode again. She sat in front of that window for such a long time. She didn’t even blink! She was waiting to bark at anything that walked by. She’s like I’ve got this, nobody is gonna get in this house, not while I’m around.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While i was sitting on the couch, I heard this loud bark from Cinnamon. So, I looked over at my sister, who was sitting next to me, with this puzzling look on my face and said, “What is she barking at now?”

My sister and I couldn’t even see what she was barking at. So, my sister went to the window, peeked outside, and said, “It’s a Fed-Ex truck! She’s barking at a Fed-Ex truck!”

At that moment, I said, “No way!” Then, I looked outside and my sister was right. Cinnamon was standing right by the window next to me staring at this Fed-Ex truck that was sitting in front of our neighbor’s house. She was going crazy! She was barking, and growling, and snarling all while she was pouncing towards the window. She’s like get away from that house or else!

Then, I found out that she wasn’t barking at the truck at all, she was barking at the Fed-Ex guy who was driving the truck. He parked his truck next door to us and was running towards the house with a big package in his hands. He ran up quickly, rang the doorbell, and ran straight back inside his truck.

As that guy was running back to his truck, Cinnamon ran to the door and started pacing all angry and upset, trying to get out. She’s like I have to get outside right now and take this guy down! haha

She barked again, so I walked over to her and said, “Cinnamon stop! Stop barking! That Fed-Ex guy is probably long gone by now. Just leave him alone. You probably scared the crap out of him anyways with that piercing loud bark of yours, ya know? You can’t do that anymore!” That didn’t work! She just looked at me like leave me alone and started barking again. In fact, she barked at that guy til he got back in his truck and drove away! haha She’s like good riddance!!

I guess Cinnamon doesn’t like Fed-Ex guys anymore! My mom doesn’t either, since she used to work for UPS. Normally, Cinnamon doesn’t bark at Fed-Ex guys or trucks, she usually barks at UPS guys.  I guess my dog is branching out. She hates all of those guys now delivering packages! What are we gonna do when they start coming around more often to deliver packages for the holidays? Oh well!